How Can You Transfer Applications from Windows to Mac OS X

Getting a new Mac is exciting, but moving all the files and settings from old Windows to OS X isn’t always easy. Most likely, it’s a daunting task. Plus, if you are still on the learning curve of Mac OS X, the whole process can be even quite time-consuming.

This week, a read of my blog asked me this question (it’s kind of interesting, I laughed but just for pure laugh, nothing more).

“I’ve managed to move all my documents and files from the old PC to a new Mac. Now it’s the challenging part. How can you transfer applications from Windows to OS X?”

As far as I am aware of, there is no better way to get this done.

The reason? Simply put, Microsoft and Apple often don’t work well with each other. Well, they are not supposed to do so, because they are competitors.

If you are into technology and read a little bit about the history of computers, you should know they were energies and fought with each other a lot of times. Even today, they are direct competitors in most fields. Look at this CIO article; you’ll understand why I say so.

A bit far away from the topic?

Okay, applications that run under Windows operating system won’t work under OS X. Speaking from a technical point of view, all third-party programs that run on Windows are in the .exe format, while apps on Macs are either in .dmg or .pkg format. These are entirely different application packs with totally different working mechanisms.

What does that mean? You can’t transfer apps from Windows to Mac OS X. That simply won’t work. You’ll have to manually download these apps from Mac App Store or the official websites of the app providers.

Note: not every Windows program has a Macintosh version. For example, one of my favorite Windows tools for screenshotting is Greenshot, isn’t available on OS X. However, most programs run on PCs have lots of alternatives on Macs. A good example is Preview app perfectly replaces Greenshot.

Welcome to the Mac World! 🙂

To help yourself get more familiarized with Mac and smoother the switch, these two articles are worth giving a read:

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