How to Change the Theme of Google Chrome Browser on Mac

If you are like me, also use Google Chrome on a daily basis. You might want to change the theme (i.e. the skin) on Chrome.

Today, when I turned on?my Mac and opened Chrome as usual. Not sure if it’s because I mis-clicked on some settings, the Chrome appearance looks quite different. It’s so grey (see below). I don’t really like it.

But, it only takes a few steps to add or change a theme of Google Chrome and make it look amazing.

Here you go:

Step 1: Open Chrome web browser on your Mac. On the top left corner, on the menu, click Chrome, then Preferences…

Step 2: you’ll come to the “Settings” tab. Under Settings > Appearence, see the button “Get Themes”? Click on it.

Step 3: browse the theme library, select one that you like (for me, I selected “Galaxy-View”), and click the blue “ADD TO CHROME” button. Wait for several seconds.

Step 4: Now check your Chrome skin. Does it look nicer? Whoa!

Note: you can also click the “Undo” button to reverse the process, it’s quite convenient.

Thanks Google! 🙂

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