The Magic Mouse Disconnecting Issue Is Driving Me Nuts

Okay, I barely complain about anything related to Apple products I use in public because I’m an advocate of Apple.

But I’m kind of annoyed by this kind problem for a long time. And today, the issue happened more often than usual.

It’s related to Magic Mouse I use. Late last year, I bought a Magic Mouse 2 (without battery) and used it ever since. I managed to resolve most of the issues I encountered including: how to auto connect, unable to finger scroll, etc.

However, there is one issue remains. Here’s the symptom:

  • It keeps disconnecting every 1-2 hours. And today I happened twice or three times in the past hour.
  • Sometimes after I start up my Mac, the mouse won’t be connected unless I log out my account and log in again.

I’ve tried almost every possible solution available on the Internet. For example, here are a few threads and blog articles I’ve read:

But nope, all the fixes don’t work for me…what a bummer.

I don’t how much patience I would have to endure this before it’s fixed. Or maybe I should return the product and get a non-Apple mouse instead? (yep, I heavily rely on a mouse to navigate).

Any help would be much appreciated.

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