MacOSX-FAQ.com was created to help Apple Mac users solve daily tech problems related to Mac computers and other Apple devices.

Why is there an “X” in our domain? No, it wasn’t a mistake. That’s because Apple changed the name of its operating system from OS X to macOS after releasing 10.12 Sierra in WWDC 2016. You can read this article from iMore to learn more about the name change.

We only share actionable tips and guides that are easy to understand and quick to implement on this website. We know your time is valuable, and you probably aren’t that tech-savvy, so we’ll do our best to make the problem-solving process as simple as possible.

Here are our team member profiles:

Eric Winkler

Eric has a degree in Electrical Engineering but has spent the past 22 years working as a Software Engineer. While the majority of his past experience has been with Windows and Unix/Linux operating systems, he has a recently found interest in Mac computers and owns an old 2008 and a new 2020 Macbook Pro. When not working with software or hardware he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, visiting museums, working on home projects, or playing basketball.

Adetayo Sogbesan

Adetayo is a freelance writer with experience in different niches. She has some coding background with python and hopes to learn other coding languages in the future. She currently uses a MacBook Pro (M1 chip, 512 GB, 16 RAM), Phone 13, and iPad Pro.

Jerry Romero

Jerry loves playing with his computers after taking several basic programming classes back in college. Like many of you, he initially had a Windows PC but switched to Mac due to work needs, and he never looked back on his PC because he found macOS much more user-friendly. He now owes a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 8, an Apple Watch, and an iPad.

If you have any questions about macOS or the use of this website, you can contact us here.