Can a MacBook Air Run Minecraft?

Two versions of Minecraft are available, but only one is natively playable on Mac. Minecraft Java Edition is playable right off the bat on your MacBook Air. On the other hand, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is not playable on Macs. 

My name is Ty, I’m an IT nerd and a gamer since pretty much diapers. I have played every console or piece of hardware I have been alive long enough to get my hands on. 

In this article, I will describe how you can play Minecraft on your MacBook. Let’s load in, and get into the details. 

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition is not playable on macOS
  • Minecraft Java edition runs natively on Mac
  • It is crossplay with other users playing the Java edition

MacBook Airs Only Have Minecraft Java

Minecraft has two different versions available for purchase and play. If you have played Minecraft on an actual gaming console, the odds are that you are familiar with the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. This is the most widespread version and is completely cross-platform.

Minecraft Java is more like the wild-west version of Minecraft. A little more lawless and open. Minecraft Java is also only available on PCs/Macbooks, so you won’t be able to play with any of your friends playing on any other device. 

One of the key selling points of Minecraft has been the alluring idea of spelunking with a group of pals for hours on end. But if you can’t play with Bedrock players, do you simply lose the option to build with friends?

So if you and a few friends who are playing on Windows, or even Linux devices, decide to pick up your pickaxes and mine together, you most definitely can! 

If you get curious, Minecraft Java supports user-created mods and custom skins. So you can add any mod you can find directly to the game and test it out. There are also plenty of custom servers and communities for you to explore. 

You can download Minecraft by following this link.

Gaming On a Macbook Air

Gaming on a MacBook Air is possible now. A few years ago, this would be a ludicrous statement. But it is now confirmed that the Minecraft Java edition joins the roster of games that are playable from your MacBook Air.

Don’t get this twisted, though. Just because gaming is possible on a MacBook Air does not mean it was meant to be. Games must be finely tuned and optimized to run smoothly on a MacBook Air.

If you run into some slowdowns and lag during your Minecraft gaming session, it could be due to the version of MacBook Air you are using. The earlier the version, the less optimized, leading to some less than marvelous cave exploring sessions. 

The most recent MacBook Airs with the most recent OS should be fine running Minecraft for long sessions.

Depending on what processor you have in your MacBook Air will determine the performance. Older MacBook Airs with Intel-based processing chips will not run as well as the silicon-based M1 and M2 chipsets that new MacBook Airs have.

To see which chipset you have, navigate to the small Apple logo on the top left of your screen and select “About this Mac.”

The minimum and recommended requirements of Minecraft can be seen directly below!

If the game is running less than stellar, you can always adjust things, such as the resolution, to a lower setting to help increase performance. 

Final Thoughts

It is possible to play Minecraft without difficulty on MOST MacBook Airs. Newer M1 and M2 chipsets will run Minecraft like a breeze. 

Through tedious testing and adjusting, the developers at Notch have finally brought one of the most popular and mainstream gaming icons to the Mac world for a whole new audience to enjoy.

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