How Much Does It Cost to Replace MacBook Air Screen

With AppleCare, it will cost $99 to Replace your MacBook Air screen. Any other damage, or a combination of the prior two, will be $299. Without AppleCare, the prices can vary, but the most common price you’ll see will be between $450, and $650.

My name is Ty Robinson, and I have been working on, with, and around MacBook Airs for the last few years. My tenure at Geek Squad had me dealing with plenty of damaged MacBook Airs, and even more that weren’t insured or covered by warranty. 

This post will go into how much it will cost to replace your MacBook Air screen,  the Tiers of damage that Apple uses to categorize types of damage, how much Apple Care covers, and how much this type of service will cost you without insurance, or warranty. 

Let’s get into this!

Key Takeaways

  • Out-of-warranty repairs for your MacBook Air Screen can cost you upwards of $650.
  • AppleCare can save you a large sum of money when it comes to replacing your MacBook Air screen.
  • Once your MacBook air screen is damaged and must be replaced, taking it to an Apple Store, Geek Squad, or a trusted laptop repair shop is essential, prices may vary between them.

Cost to Replace MacBook Air Screen

If you do not have AppleCare, you will be paying, out of pocket, the full price of the repair, labor, and parts. All of this combined can add up to a very hefty sum ranging between $450, to $650.

If you have AppleCare, you will only have to pay the $99 service fee for your MacBook Air screen to be replaced. This is the fee for basically any repair done on an Apple device that is covered under AppleCare. 

There are other things to consider when taking in your MacBook Air Screen to be replaced. Is there any damage elsewhere on your MacBook? Apple can not perform a screen replacement if there is any other kind of damage. With AppleCare, this will bring the price up to $299.

MacBook Damage Tiers Out of Warranty

When you take your device in to be serviced, the service technician will inform you which Tier of damage you have. The ones you should focus on most are Tier 2-4 depending on your damage.

You can see a more in-depth look at the tier list here.

Tier 2 Damage

Tier 2 ONLY covers display damage; if there is a scratch or dent anywhere else on the device, it can not be in tier 2. The price for this tier will run you about $480+, including all the labor fees. So if you have damaged ONLY your MacBook Air Screen, this is for you.

Tier 3

This covers multiple damage types, so if the top of your case, keyboard damage, and display are damaged, it will be covered under this tier. This tier will be about $635+. If you have any other kinds of damage besides a damaged MacBook Air screen, this will be your tier. 

Tier 4

This only applies to the Logic Board, or any water damage/water. If there is liquid seen anywhere within the device, it will automatically move your device to tier 4.  This final tier comes with a hefty price tag of $755+

How Much Does AppleCare Cover?

As you can see, the price for the parts alone can be highly damaging to your bank account. The cost of a year of coverage is about $99,  with an additional service fee of $90 at the time of repair. 

No matter where you purchase your MacBook Air, they should offer you AppleCare, and you should say YES unless you want to buy it later. 

Once an accident happens, you’ll bring it into the Apple store or Geek Squad to have it checked out and serviced. Pay the $99 service fee, and let those technicians work their magic. 

If your damage includes multiple things, on top of the screen damage, it will cost $299+applicable tax. But this is still much less than you would be paying out of pocket, for even the part itself. 

Most AppleCare coverage plans give you about two incidents for the year. If your device has not been completely obliterated, they will take it in and count it as one of your incidents.


Here are some other questions you might be curious about, I’ll answer them briefly below.

Is it worth it to repair my MacBook Air Screen?

It is entirely worth it to repair your MacBook Air if it has been damaged. Unless it is damaged beyond repair, it is always more cost-effective to simply have it repaired. 

How long does it take for the Apple Store to repair a screen?

Once you turn over your MacBook Air to be repaired it should only take about 3-5 business days to go through the repair process and get back to you. 

Final Thoughts

With AppleCare if you only need to have your MacBook Air Screen replaced, it will be $99, with any other damage including the screen, it will be $299. Without warranty this can quickly put a sizable dent in your bank account, reaching upwards of $650. 

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