How Much Does It Cost to Replace MacBook Air Battery

A battery that has worn down over time and is no longer under warranty will cost $129 for all MacBook Air models. Apple will cover the replacement if your battery is faulty and still covered under warranty.

My name is Ty Robinson, and I am an IT Field Tech by day. I spent over a year in Geek Squad, dealing with MacBooks and Apple devices daily. 

In this article, I share my knowledge about MacBook Air battery replacements and detail how a replacement costs. 

Let’s get into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • If your MacBook battery needs a replacement due to normal wear and tear, your warranty won’t cover it.
  • The warranty covers MacBook Air batteries that begin to function poorly before much time has passed.
  • AppleCare covers the part, but you must pay the service fee, which is $129.

Under Warranty Repair

Apple offers a 1-year warranty in the US on all of its products. If you have purchased AppleCare, that can extend beyond just one year. If your MacBook Air begins facing issues with battery degradation, it is best to contact Apple immediately.

You can go in and get the device serviced free of charge after a consultation with a licensed Apple Repair agent. 

Go Through the Apple Store or Third-Party Repair Stores

If you are outside the warranty and do not have AppleCare, Apple recommends that everyone go through authorized service centers to get their MacBook serviced. 

As stated before, an out-of-warranty MacBook Air will have you paying the entire service fee of $129. This price is a constant at all Licensed Apple Repair shops. 

If you decide to go through alternative means, such as a third-party repair shop, the price of labor may vary. It is best to call around to local repair shops for quotes. 

Replace The Battery Yourself

Caution: This is a difficult option, which can result in you further damaging your MacBook Air. I only recommend it to people proficient with very fragile hardware. Opening your MacBook Air will also void your warranty and AppleCare coverage. 

If you are still eager to try this option, you will need the tool kit required for your MacBook Air Model and the part itself. You can follow this link to purchase the correct battery and the tools.

Once the part arrives, I recommend following a thorough video guide to follow along with step by step. 

I recommend following along with this very detailed and in-depth repair guide done by

Final Thoughts

It will cost you $129 to replace your MacBook Air’s battery at any licensed Apple Repair store. If your MacBook Air is under warranty and your battery has begun to deteriorate much before it should, which is at least 1-2 years, then Apple will cover the replacement for you.

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