How to Check Recent Activity on iPhone

There are many ways to check recent activity on your iPhone: Screen Time, battery usage, the Files app, Safari, Location Services, and other online accounts.

Hi, I’m Devansh. Whether to keep tabs on my screen time or ensure digital security, I often like to check recent activity on my iPhone. In this article, I’ll walk you through six ways you can check recent activity on your iPhone!

Stick around to learn how to check recent activity on your iPhone!

Screen Time

Screen Time is a feature on your iPhone that lets you track your iPhone usage. To access it, open the Settings app, go to Screen Time, and tap on See All Activity.

You’ll find a lot of data regarding your iPhone usage: most used apps and websites, number of pickups, and notifications. You can switch between the Week and Day tabs to get a summary of weekly or daily use. It also allows you to create app limits.

Battery Usage

If you’ve disabled Screen Time on your iPhone, checking the Battery page is a viable alternative. Open Settings, go to Battery, and scroll down to see all the apps used recently on your iPhone. You can switch between Show Activity and Show Battery Usage.

Files App

To check recently opened files, open the Files app and tap on the Recents tab. You can tap on a file to open it or long-press to check further details about it.


Also, check web activity on your iPhone. To check your browsing history in Safari, open the Safari app and tap the Book icon at the bottom right. If you use Chrome instead, open the Chrome app, tap on More (…), and History.

Location Services

You can also check the location history of your iPhone. Open Settings, go to Privacy, and tap on Location Services. Scroll down and tap on System Services, then scroll down again and tap on Significant Locations or Frequent Locations.

If you want more location details, you can check Google Maps. On your Mac or Windows PC, visit the Timeline. On your iPhone, open the Google Maps app, tap your profile picture, and tap on Your Timeline.

In addition, you can also check Analytics & Improvements on the Privacy page. If you know your way around code, you might be able to pick up some bits of recent activity on the Analytics Data page.

Other Accounts

Besides checking the apps on your iPhone, you can also check recent activity in your various online accounts. Many platforms offer a Recent Activity page, like Google and Microsoft.

You can also check the App Store for recent purchases or subscriptions. Open the App Store and tap on your profile picture. Alternatively, visit this page to request a refund for apps or content bought with your account.


Here are two common questions about how to check recent activity on the iPhone.

How to View Recently Used Apps on iPhone?

If you have an iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. On an iPhone with Touch ID, double-press the Home button. All open app cards will appear; you can open or close them as you wish.

How to Check Call History and Recent Messages on iPhone?

To check call history, open the Phone app and switch to the Recents tab. For messages, just open the Messages app, tap on Filters, and choose All Messages. It will show the most recent messages at the top.


All in all, you can check recent activity on your iPhone with Screen Time, battery usage, the Files app, Safari or Chrome, Location Services, and other online accounts. In addition, you can also check the Privacy page in Settings and apps like Phone and Messages.

In doing this, your intention might be to keep track of how long you spend every day on your iPhone or just be mindful of your digital footprint. Either way, I hope these methods helped you out!

Are there any other ways you know of for checking recent activity on the iPhone? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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