Is MacBook Air Touchscreen?

With the way technology advances, laptops, in particular, you would think that the MacBook Air would be the next to implement this fantastic feature. You would be incorrect though, unfortunately, the MacBook Air does NOT have a touchscreen.

I am Ty, an avid tech connoisseur, and an IT Field Technician. I’ve been a MacBook Air user for over a year now, and I have spent that time learning the ins and outs of the device that I am using. 

If that is a deal breaker, I will go in-depth on why there is no touchscreen for MacBook Air and some alternatives that you can employ.

Let’s get into this!

Why is There No Touchscreen?

Apple first introduced the iPhone back in 2007 which popularized touch screens, while not the first device to implement it, it was the most widespread. The device and its touchscreen were innovative and took the tech world by storm.

So why, why not implement such a staple function, in one of their most popular products today? This is the question, especially when there are other laptops that have taken it upon themselves to make their new screens, touchscreen.

Part of it may have to do with that slim and sleek design that has also taken the laptop world by storm. A touchscreen would require more components to go in behind the screen itself, which would increase the size of the laptop as a whole

Thus is the cost for beauty. But worry not, the MacBook Air was built to function entirely without a touchscreen, so not being able to tap to navigate, won’t have any effect on your user experience whatsoever.

Deal Breaker?

Is having a touch screen a non-negotiable? If you have already purchased your MacBook Air and are now distraught at the realization that you are not going to be able to navigate the web with your finger, fret not. There is an alternative that could help save this device for you.

Nothing can beat that natural feel of tapping and swiping through apps and your operating system with only a finger or two. But there are some things to think about aswell. With the constant touching and swiping, this could easily leave your laptop screen and smudgy mess. 

The AirBar is a thin magnetic bar that attaches directly below a MacBook Air display. The AirBar transmits a small invisible field onto the surface of the MacBook Air, allowing you to interact with your device, by using only your finger!

The AirBar is not perfect though. It needs to be plugged into a USB for it to function, and it also can not function on a smaller screen. The minimum screen size for the air bar is 13”. So if your device is any smaller, you won’t be able to use the air bar.

Unfortunately, if you have already purchased your MacBook Air and it is on the smaller size, you are unfortunately out of luck.

Alternative Laptops

If it really is a deal breaker to have that touch screen, and you have yet to purchase your MacBook Air, then it might be in your best interest to look at alternative laptops. Laptops that were built with that touchscreen functionality in mind. 

MacBook Air’s function completely and perfectly fine without that touchscreen function, but it is a luxury that once you have tasted, can not be forgotten easily. So if you are yearning for the ease of use that simply clicking with your finger can bring, check out this buying guide from PCMag.

The link above will lead you to some of the best touchscreen capable laptops of this year. You can read up on each of them and decide which one will be the best fit for you. Prices vary from well below that of a MacBook Air, to well above it. But, that is the cost of comfort.

Final Thoughts

MacBook Airs are not touch screen. While there are a few ways that you can either work around this or even avoid it entirely. The lack of touchscreen functionality is something that should be heavily considered before purchasing. 

If you decide that the touch screen is a non-negotiable, I hope that the link I provided can help lead you to make a more informed decision that leads you to your perfect device!

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