What is Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement on iPhone?

Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement (PPAM) allows advertisers to track their ads without giving away your personal data. It’s enabled by default. To turn it off, open “Settings,” go to “Safari,” “Advanced,” and toggle off “Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement.”

Hi, I’m Devansh. As an iPhone user and cybersecurity enthusiast, I have researched all iPhone security features. In this article, I’ll explain what PPAM is and how to turn it off on your iPhone. I’ll also answer some questions related to PPAM and other privacy features.

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Should You Turn Off Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement?

It depends on your preferences. Let’s look at Apple’s definition of Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement

When Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement is enabled, Safari will provide websites with attribution reports to help websites and advertisers attribute the viewing of and clicking on ads, while still preserving your privacy.

As to how Safari will safeguard your privacy, they’ve added, 

Safari will send attribution reports with limited data in a dedicated mode using IP address protection, no data storage, without any cookies, and delayed randomly between 24 and 48 hours. The attribution reports do not contain any personal data.

To learn more about the technical details of PPAM, you can read this WebKit article.

Based on the above description, I recommend you leave PPAM as is for improved privacy. But, if you want to turn it off, follow these steps. Open Settings, go to Safari, and toggle off Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement.

That’s it! By following these steps, you’ve turned off PPAM. If you want to leave it on, you don’t need to do anything since it’s enabled by default.


Here are some questions related to PPAM on the iPhone.

How to Turn Off PPAM on Your Mac?

Open Safari on your Mac, click Safari in the menu bar, and Settings in the drop-down menu. In the Settings window, go to the Privacy section, and uncheck the box beside Allow privacy-preserving measurement of ad effectiveness.

Is Safari Private Browsing Traceable?

Yes. Even though Safari doesn’t save your browsing history in Private Browsing Mode, your network administrator and ISP can still trace your online activity. Read this article to learn more about Safari Private Browsing.

Should You Also Turn Off Prevent Cross-Site Tracking?

It depends on your requirements. Prevent Cross-Site Tracking limits third-party cookies, allowing you to block ad tracking on your iPhone. If you want to turn it off, open Settings > Safari > toggle off Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.


Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement (PPAM) is a feature on your iPhone that anonymizes the data shared with advertisers to ensure privacy. It’s enabled by default, but you can also deactivate it.

To turn off PPAM, open Settings > Safari > Advanced, and toggle off Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement. I hope this article answers all your queries regarding PPAM and other Safari security features.

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