Can You Share Battery on iPhone?

As of this writing, no iPhone model has a battery-sharing feature. Instead, if you have an Android phone capable of battery sharing, you can use it to charge your iPhone.

Hi, I’m Devansh. After switching from Android to iPhone, I was surprised that the iPhone doesn’t have a battery-sharing feature. In my old phone, I used it often to charge accessories like earbuds and smartwatches. So, I’ve looked into the subject.

In this article, I’ll walk you through why the battery-sharing feature isn’t available currently, which phones offer it, and how to use it in a limited capacity. I’ll also answer some common questions.

If you want to use your iPhone battery to charge other devices, keep reading!

Which Phones Offer Battery Sharing?

You might already know about wireless charging: place your phone on a charging pad, and it starts charging. Battery sharing is in reverse, so your phone becomes a charging pad for compatible devices like smartwatches, earbuds, and other phones!

If you snap an Apple MagSafe battery pack to the back of a supported iPhone and connect it to power, both devices will charge simultaneously. This shows that the iPhone does have the hardware necessary for two-way wireless charging, but it is limited. Only the iPad Pro supports two-way charging for other devices but requires a cable.

So, if not the iPhone, which other phones offer battery sharing? The first phone to offer it was the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Over time, most other Android phone manufacturers have also implemented the battery-sharing feature in their devices.

Can You Use An Android Phone to Charge Your iPhone?

Yes, but the Android phone must be Qi-certified and have sufficient battery power. Once activated, the Android phone will emulate a wireless charger. If your iPhone supports wireless charging, you can place it back to back with that phone, and charging will begin.

As to how you can activate battery sharing on an Android phone, the process depends on the brand. Here are the relevant support pages from Samsung, Huawei, and Google Pixel.


Here are three questions about how to share battery on an iPhone.

When Will Apple Add Battery Sharing Feature to iPhone?

As noted above, new iPhone models have the hardware necessary for battery sharing, but Apple has disabled the feature in iOS. However, the technology may still be in the development stage. Hopefully, they will enable it in the next generation.

Is Wired Charging More Efficient Compared to Wireless Charging?

Yes. With the current technology, wireless chargers are generally less efficient than wired chargers. The energy that isn’t transferred turns into heat, increasing the overall thermal output.

Is Low Power Mode Good For Your iPhone Battery?

It’s neither good nor bad. It simply disables some features so that you can use your iPhone for longer without needing to charge it back up again. Learn more about the Low Power mode on iPhone.


The iPhone doesn’t support battery sharing. If you have an iPhone model that supports wireless charging, you can charge it from an Android phone capable of battery sharing.

As every new version of the iPhone launches every year, rumors pop up about two-way charging finally being supported, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet. So, let’s hope they release it soon!

When do you think Apple will finally implement battery sharing on the iPhone? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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