Can I Use Apple Pay on Android?

You cannot use Apple Pay on Android devices because it’s only available for Apple iOS. You can use other payment apps on Android, but Apple Pay is not an option to give or receive money with this device. 

This post will explore if you can use Apple Pay on Android. I’ll explain why this isn’t possible and provide you with some alternatives to use for a payment app. I’ll also highlight some other important information. 

Let’s get rolling. 

Key Takeaways

  • Apple Pay can’t be used on Android devices. This includes any phones, tablets, or other electronics that use this mobile operating system. 
  • Apple Pay is only available for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, but it’s mainly designed for use on the iPhone. 
  • You can use other mobile payment apps on Android devices that function similarly to Apple Pay. 

Can You Use Apple Pay on Android? 

We live in an age where digital payments are easier than ever. With a few clicks, you can send money all over the world to anyone that you want. But not every device and payment app is compatible with every device you want to send it to or use it with. 

Apple Pay is one of these payment apps, and it’s very popular and easy to use. But it’s only available for iOS devices, meaning you can’t use it on Android phones. No matter what type of Android device you have, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay with it. 

To use Apple Pay to send money, make payments, or receive funds, you need to have an Apple account set up. These accounts can only be set up on Apple devices. Android is not associated with Apple in any way, so there’s no way to use Apple Pay with it. 

Luckily, there are a handful of other payment apps you can use with Android devices or any other phone you currently have. These include Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and several other options.

This might be bad news if you are an Android user and want to take advantage of the convenience of Apple Pay. But remember, there are plenty of other apps that will work on Android that essentially function the same as Apple Pay. 

The only way to use Apple Pay is to get an iPhone. Then you can use the app for mobile payments or sending money to other people. If you stick with Android, you’ll need to use another mobile payment app. 

Can You Send Apple Pay to Google Pay? 

Unfortunately, you can’t send Apple Pay to Google Pay. These two popular mobile payment apps do not cross-pollinate, meaning they are designed to be exclusive from one another rather than inclusive. 

This is typical operation from large tech companies because they want you to stay within their ecosystem, no matter what you are trying to do or pay for. Apple and Google both want to keep consumers within their respective payment portals. 

There are some payment apps that can work with multiple phones, but these aren’t the quick and easy portals you might be used to. But you can download apps like the Cash app or Venmo to make transactions regardless of what type of phone you have. 

And this goes both ways. You can’t send Apple Pay to Google Pay, and you can’t send Google Pay to Apple Pay. There is no workaround or hack to make this happen either, so it’s not worth exploring further. 


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if you can use Apple Pay on Android. 

Is there a version of Apple Pay for Android? 

There is no Apple Pay version for Android devices, and this mobile payment app is only available for iPhone and other iOS devices. You can use other mobile payment apps, such as Google Pay for Android. 

How do I pay Android with Apple Pay? 

There is no way to pay Android phones or devices with Apple Pay. To make Apple Pay payments, both the sender and receiver of the funds must have Apple Pay setup, which isn’t available on Android devices. 

Can I use Apple Pay on Samsung phone? 

Apple Pay can only be used on iOS devices, so it won’t work with Samsung phones or any other type of phones other than the iPhone. There are other payment apps that function similarly, but there’s no way to use Apple Pay. 

Can you use Apple Pay without an iPhone? 

You can use Apple Pay on other iOS devices, such as an iPad. But you can’t use it with other types of phones other than an iPhone. This payment app is only available for Apple products, but you don’t technically need an iPhone to use it. 

Can I send money from Samsung Pay to Apple Pay? 

You can’t technically send money directly from Samsung Pay to Apple Pay. Samsung Pay can send money to other operating systems and devices, but Apple and iOS is not one of them. You can transfer Samsung Pay funds to another account and send them to an Apple Pay account. 

Final Thoughts

You can’t use Apple Pay on Android, and to take advantage of this mobile payment app, you’ll need to have an iPhone. There are other payment apps you can use on Android phones and other devices, but Apple Pay is not one of them. 

Even though Apple Pay is popular and convenient, the other mobile payment apps that you can get for your Android device work basically the same. So you don’t need to have Apple Pay if you have an Android. 

What payment app do you use on your Android? Let me know in the comments below. 

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