What to Do When Apple Pay Keeps Saying Payment Method Declined

Your Apple Pay payment method might get declined if there are issues with your card, such as restrictions or a missed payment. The card also might not be supported with Apple Pay. Contact your bank to address these issues and try to solve the problem. 

This post will explore why Apple Pay keeps saying Payment Method Delclined. I’ll walk you through several reasons this might be happening and provide you with some relevant information to remember. 

Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways

  • If your payment method is declined when using Apple Pay, you’ll likely need to deal with your bank rather than Apple. 
  • The payment method can be declined for issues including restrictions, missed payments, or the card not being supported by Apple Pay. 
  • Not all cards are supported with Apple Pay, so your card might work for other payments but still not be valid with the app. 

Why Does Apple Pay Keep Saying Payment Method Declined? 

There are a number of reasons why your payment method with Apple Pay can be declined. I’ll show you all of the most common reasons here and provide you with some actions you can do to get things up and running quickly again. 

Before we dive in, it’s essential to know that your card is typically declined by your bank and not by Apple. So you should most likely contact your bank to reach a resolution whenever this happens, as Apple won’t be able to help. 

Reason #1 – Card Not Supported

Not all cards work with Apple Pay, and any card you want to use with the app must be supported. The card issuer decides whether or not a card is supported, so you need to check with them about its status. 

What to Do: 

You can call your bank or contact customer support online to figure out if your card is supported with Apple Pay. You should be able to find out pretty quickly. If it’s not, you’ll need to get another card to use the app. 

Reason #2 – Issues with Payment Method

Issues such as restrictions, missed payments, or incorrect personal information can lead to your card getting declined. If you recently moved or missed a payment, this could be another reason your card gets declined in Apple Pay. 

What to Do: 

You should contact your bank or card issuer to see if there are any restrictions or missed payments on your card. You’ll need to resolve those before you can add and use that card with Apple Pay. 

Also, check to see if your personal information related to that card is current. Make any updates or changes as necessary if it’s not. 

Reason #3 – Card Information Out of Date in Apple Pay

When your card information is out of date with Apple Pay, this can also lead to issues with it getting declined. This is for the same reasons as the problem mentioned above, and the fix is also easy. 

What to Do: 

Check the information for the card in the Wallet app to see that everything is current. You can open the Wallet app and tap on the card to see its information. Make any necessary changes and try to use it again. 

Reason #4 – Software Issues

Software issues and bugs or glitches are other reasons why a card might be declined. You typically won’t see the Payment Method Declined message if this is the case, but it’s still worth exploring because it’s an easy fix. 

What to Do: 

Make sure that your iPhone is updated. Download and install the most current iOS if you need to. You can also simply restart your iPhone and try again. This often works out random bugs and glitches that don’t have a clear explanation. 

Apple Pay Declined but Card Works

If you are running into the issue of a card getting declined when using Apple Pay but the card works in other situations, then that card is most likely not supported. This means that you can’t use it with Apple Pay. 

You can check with your bank to see if your card is supported with Apple Pay. You’ll need to use another card with the app if it isn’t. Every bank has a different policy, so you must check with them first. 

If your card is supported with Apple Pay, you might have inaccurate payment information in your Wallet app. Open the app and click on the card in question to check that all its information is accurate and current. Make any necessary changes. 

Why is Apple Declining my Visa Card? 

It doesn’t matter what type of card you use, whether that’s Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or any other, you can still experience issues with it getting declined by Apple. The reasons for this are the same as in the sections above. 

If your Visa card is not supported by Apple Pay, you won’t be able to use it with the app even if it works for other payments. You also might need to update the payment information with your bank or with Apple. 

It’s a good idea to call your bank anytime a card is declined to see what the problem is. Apple doesn’t actually decline cards, the card issuer or bank does. So you’ll need to contact them to get the issue resolved. 

Final Thoughts

If your payment method with Apple Pay gets declined, you should check with your card provider to ensure that there are no issues with the card, such as restrictions, a missed payment, or it not being supported with Apple Pay. 

You also need to keep your payment information current whenever you move or change addresses. This is another reason why a card might get declined when using Apple Pay. 

Have you ever had your payment method declined by Apple Pay? How did you resolve the problem? Let me know in the comments below.   

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