Are MacBooks Really Worth the Price?

If you’re thinking about buying a Macbook and are doing some research, there’s no doubt that you have noticed they are not cheap. You’ve seen PCs with similar specs that are hundreds of dollars less. Is it worth spending that extra cash on the Macbook? 

My quick answer is, yes they certainly are. Of course, I will add the standard caveat that they are, depending on your needs and what you are going to use them for, but for the most part, in my opinion, they are really worth the price you pay for them.

I’m Eric and I have been using computer systems for quite a long time. I started on old Commodore systems back in the late 70s and moved to early Windows systems in the late 80s. I used Macs periodically when I had a chance but mostly used PCs up until recently.

I got a new Macbook within the last year, so my experience with them is fairly recent. Because of this, I am going to give you my honest opinion of what I think about them and whether they are worth the price.

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Why Are They Worth the Price?

You have probably noticed at the beginning of this article, that I quickly confirmed without hesitation that Macbooks are worth the price. While I was very quick and confident in my answer, there are a few factors that go into making that an easy question to answer.

In order to explain why they are worth the price, let’s take a look at each of these factors.

1. High-End Product

There are many things to look at when trying to determine whether or not a technology device is worth its price, but first and foremost I look at the technology itself. Does it use the latest and greatest technology? Is it built with quality parts and materials? Is it a top performer?

If you are going to spend money on a device such as a laptop, you want to make sure it meets all of these conditions or you will end up spending more money in the long run when you have to replace a cheaply made device that does not do what you need it to do.

The Macbook easily meets these conditions. Apple consistently designs the Macbook with the latest in technology to ensure users have some of the best hardware available. They also use quality materials and parts which leads to a laptop that will rarely have hardware failures.  

The latest technology and quality parts help it to perform as well or better than similar products on the market. All of these things together create a high-end laptop that is worth shelling out a few extra bucks for.

2. Simplicity

From the very beginning, Apple computers were designed with the intention of being simple enough that anyone can learn how to use them. The Macbook continues this longtime philosophy by not only using the macOS but with a simplistic and sleek design.

As a somewhat new Mac user myself, I have found the Macbook to be the easiest laptop to use of all the computers I own. Its simplicity makes it quick and convenient to use at any time. Below are some things that contribute to this factor.

  • The thin sleek design makes it easy and comfortable to carry around and use anywhere.
  • It’s easy to open but also stays open while using it. Also when it is opened and on your lap, it does not feel top heavy or like it’s going to tip over as many others do.
  • The keyboard layout is simple yet comfortable to use.
  • It’s very easy to plug in and charge when needed which is not that often since the battery lasts for a very long time.
  • The screen is bright, easy to see, and adjusts well to bright or dim light environments.
  • The macOS is easy to learn, and use, and is very intuitive as to where to find things.

While its simplicity is a great asset, that does not mean it can’t be used for complicated things. It is, of course, a high-powered machine that will perform for the most hardcore knowledgeable computer users.

3. Security

Apple has always been known to have top-notch security with its systems and the Macbook is no different. I use mine on many different networks, go to many different websites, and download tons of different software and so far I have never experienced a virus or other threat.

The system also provides you with great password security and has encryption features available if you want to use them to further protect your data. I know that I always feel secure that my data is protected when using my Macbook.

4. Reputation

Apple’s reputation proceeds them into one of the world leaders in technology. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who uses modern technology that has not heard of Apple. While most of us will look for technical specs in a laptop, this reputation sure does add to the value.

Because of this reputation, you can be assured that a company like Apple will produce superior products. They definitely don’t want that reputation to change since it is one of their best marketing tools and helps them to sell billions of devices.

The quality and performance produced to keep this reputation surely go into designing and manufacturing the Macbook. It’s one of their top sellers and they are going to make sure the product fits their reputation.

5. Holds Its Value

Hopefully, you wouldn’t ever want to get rid of it but if for some reason you did find yourself in a situation where you needed to sell your Macbook, you can be sure that it is still worth good money. 

They hold their value and many people are willing to pay a great price for a fairly new Macbook that is in good condition. Just take a look on eBay or any other places where you can find used laptops for sale. You will see even used Macbooks are quite expensive.

You won’t find other brands and types of computers with similar specs selling at these prices so when you buy a new Macbook you are making an investment that holds its value for years to come.

6. iPhone Compatibility

If you’re an iPhone user, then owning a Macbook can make life a little simpler for you. The compatibility of the two Apple products makes it easy to integrate the two whenever needed. 

Downloading files, uploading pictures, transferring music or movies is much simpler and to many users, this easily makes it worth the extra cash you might have to pay.

7. Popularity

Popularity is not usually a reason that I would tout for purchasing a tech product. I normally go with the more technical features that make it a great product, but in this case, the popularity plays into many of the features I have discussed above.

The popularity inspires Apple to produce a great product and it also helps it to keep its value. Although it also creates high demand which in turn drives the prices up, there are good reasons they are popular and all those reasons put together to make this product worth the price.

8. Luxury

This reason also has nothing to do with technical data or how the product performs, it’s more of a status symbol or something that makes you feel good about yourself. Apple products are often seen as luxury items and the Macbook fits this category as many other Apple devices do.

Being able to afford and use some of the best top-of-the-line equipment often gives us a feeling of confidence with whatever we are using it for and spending your hard-earned cash on a luxury item as this gives you a great feeling of self-accomplishment.

Why Are They More?

Now that you have seen why Macbooks are worth the price, you might also understand why they cost more. The same reasons that we have listed above are also reasons why they do cost more and all of these things combined together are often referred to as Apple Tax.

It’s not a tax like the government charges you. It’s just a term that is often used to refer to the higher prices that Apple can charge for its products and the fact that loyal Apple users are willing to pay that extra money for the Apple name and reputation. You can see the current pricing of Macbooks directly from Apple.

Final Words

As a longtime PC user and a fairly new Mac user, you might think that I would have a biased opinion in favor of PCs and against the higher prices of the Macbook, but that is not the case.

I’m not here to argue the age-old question of which is better Mac or PC, but I can tell you that after using my new Macbook for just a short time, I am truly impressed. All of the factors I have listed above put no doubt in my mind that these machines truly are worth the price.

What do you think of the Macbook? Let me know, I would love to hear your opinions.

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