How to Check Calculator History on iPhone

Apple hasn’t added a history logging feature in the stock iPhone Calculator app. Instead, you can long-tap the Calculator app icon to copy the last result. In addition, you can also use the ‘m+’ function to store a number in the memory. Aside from that, many calculator apps on the App Store offer a history logging feature.

Hi, I’m Devansh. Like most people, I often use the Calculator app on my iPhone 13. It’s helpful to go back sometimes and double-check previous calculations, but the calculator memory is cleared with each new calculation.

In this article, I’ll show you two main ways to view the Calculator app’s history on your iPhone. I’ll also mention a few apps which offer the history logging feature.

If you want to see the Calculator history on your iPhone but need help accessing it, keep reading!

The ‘Copy Last Result’ Feature

The Calculator app allows you to view and copy the result from your last calculation without even opening the app. Just long-press on the app icon (it’s probably in the ‘Utilities’ folder), and the ‘Copy Last Result’ option will appear in the drop-down menu.

You can also do this from the Control Center. Like the app icon, long-press on the Calculator icon and see the ‘Copy Last Result’ option.

I know this is quite limited, but it’s the best Apple has to offer in place of history logging. Once you get the hang of it, it can actually come in handy often!

Memory Recall Function

Similar to a standard calculator, the Calculator app on your iPhone also has a memory function. It’ll enable you to store a number in your memory and recall or modify it later.

You need to use the Calculator app in Scientific mode to access it. To do that, ensure the Portrait Orientation Lock is switched off (available in Control Center), open the Calculator app, and rotate your iPhone to landscape mode. You’ll see the ‘m+’ button.

Next time you want to save a number, just tap the ‘m+’ button. You’ll notice that the ‘mr’ button becomes highlighted. You can tap on it when you want to recall that saved number. To reset the saved number back to zero, tap the ‘mc’ button.

The ‘m+’ and ‘m-’ buttons will also allow you to perform addition or subtraction actions to the currently saved number, respectively. To switch back to the default calculator, rotate your phone back to portrait mode.

App Store Calculators

When Apple doesn’t include a feature in high demand, app developers will naturally try to step up and fill the need of users. As a result, the App Store has many great calculator apps which offer history logging, among many other useful features!

If you want a free app, check out Calculator with History +, Calcbot 2, Numerical², and Calcularium. If you’re looking for a more high-end calculator and are willing to pay for it, PCalc might be right up your alley.

Explore and try out which calculator app fits your use case. If you use the calculator often, it’s worth researching to find the perfect one.


Here are two common questions related to the Calculator app.

Is it Possible to Check Calculator History on Apple Watch?

No. Unlike the iPhone, which at least allows you to check the last result, that’s not possible with the Apple Watch. Check this Support page for more info on how to use the Calculator app on Apple Watch.

Can You Access Calculator in Search on iPhone Without Opening the App?

Yes! Just swipe down from the Home screen to bring up the search bar. Here, you can perform basic calculations as you please. As you’d probably agree, this is much easier than opening the app. By the way, the same can also be done with Spotlight on Mac!


In summary, if you want to check the Calculator app history on your iPhone, the best way is to long-tap on it and copy the last result. This may be limiting since it only shows the previous result. Saving the current number using the ‘m+’ function might work in some cases.

If you need proper history logging, download one of the calculator apps I recommended above. I don’t know why Apple hasn’t added the history logging feature to the Calculator app yet. Since so many users seem to need it, let’s hope they add it in the next update!

Is the stock Calculator app sufficient for your needs, or do you prefer a more feature-rich app instead? Please share with me in the comments!

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