Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?

Amazon does take Apple Pay and a few other digital wallets. But only some vendors you see on Amazon offer Apple Pay as a payment method because each seller needs to set up digital payment processing through Amazon. 

This post will explore if Amazon takes Apple Pay. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about using Apple Pay with Amazon and provide you with a few other relevant details. My goal is to help you use digital payment with this popular online retailer if you want to. 

Let’s get rolling. 

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon accepts Apple Pay and several other digital wallets as valid payment methods. 
  • Individual Amazon vendors are responsible for setting up digital payments for their products, so only some products on Amazon are available for purchase through Apple Pay. 
  • If you see a product on Amazon you want, but it doesn’t offer an Apple Pay payment option, you can reach out to the vendor and ask them to support digital payments. 

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay? 

Amazon does take Apple Pay, as long as the vendor selling any particular product you want has set up digital payment processing through Amazon. This is a somewhat recent development, and Amazon has not always accepted Apple Pay. 

This basically means that only some of the products you see on Amazon can be purchased with Apple Pay. Many can be bought this way, but plenty of others cannot. You’ll need to use another valid payment method for those. 

When you checkout through the Amazon app, you’ll see Apple Pay as an option if it’s available for the product or products you want to purchase. If you don’t see it as an option, the vendor has not set up digital payments, and you can’t use Apple Pay. 

When Apple Pay first became popular, Amazon did not take it as a valid form of payment. This is likely because Amazon and Apple are basically competitors in the tech sector, and Amazon was trying to maximize profits. 

But as Apple Pay became more popular and common, Amazon realized it should probably start accepting it and other digital wallets to avoid losing out on potential sales from people who like using this payment method. 

Instead of accepting Apple Pay across the board, Amazon allowed each vendor who sells through the platform to set up digital payment processing through Amazon and Amazon Prime. It’s pretty straightforward from a vendor standpoint, but not all vendors have done it yet. 

How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon

To use Apple Pay on Amazon, you need to have an iOS device with an Apple Pay account set up. If you have yet to set up your Apple Pay account, you should do this before attempting to buy anything from Amazon or anywhere else. 

You must also have the Amazon app on your iPhone or other iOS device. Download that app and sync it with your Amazon account to get started. 

With both of those things in place, you can shop around on Amazon for any products you want to buy. If you see an Apple Pay logo from the vendor page, you can select that as your payment method when you check out. 

If you don’t see Apple Pay on the vendor page, then you can’t use Apple Pay to purchase that product. You can still use another form of payment, but until the vendor sets up digital payment processing through Amazon, Apple Pay is not an option. 

If you’ve never used the Amazon app before, install it on your phone and enter any required personal information to get started. Once you have everything set up, purchasing anything through Amazon is easy, no matter what payment method you choose. 

How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon without Card

The only way to use Apple Pay on Amazon without a credit or debit card linked to your Apple Pay account is to use the Apple Cash Card. This can be found in the Wallet app on your iPhone. It’s not technically a card, but you can load it with cash and use it like one. 

You’ll need to set up your Apple Pay account to have the Apple Cash card as your payment method. Then when you find an Amazon product that is available with Apple Pay, you can complete your purchase, and the funds will come out of your Apple Cash balance. 

You need to have some sort of payment method connected to your Apple Pay account to use it at all. And using the Apple Cash card is the only way to do this that isn’t a debit, credit, or gift card.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to if Amazon takes Apple Pay. 

How do I add Apple payments to Amazon? 

To use Apple Pay to purchase a product on Amazon, you simply need to select Apple Pay as your payment method when you check out. You should have your Apple Pay account set up beforehand, and the Amazon app makes purchasing this way simple to do. 

Does Amazon Fresh take Apple Pay? 

Amazon Fresh does not take Apple Pay at this time. You can use many major credit and debit cards linked to your Amazon account, but no digital wallet payment methods are listed as valid options through Amazon Fresh. 

Does Amazon Prime accept Apple Pay? 

Amazon Prime does accept Apple Pay and other digital wallets, so long as the vendor selling the product you want has set up these digital payments as an option. If you don’t see an Apple Pay option at checkout, the vendor doesn’t have digital payments set up. 

Why does Amazon not take Apple Pay? 

Each vendor who sells on Amazon must set up a digital wallet payment account to accept Apple Pay and several other digital wallets. If the vendor has not done this, then you won’t be able to pay with Apple Pay through Amazon for that product. 

Final Thoughts

You can use Apple Pay on Amazon if a vendor has set up digital payment processing through Amazon. If they’ve done this, the product page should have an Apple Pay logo indicating that digital payments are accepted. 

This also means that not every product you might want on Amazon can be purchased with Apple Pay. You’ll need to use a different payment method to buy anything that isn’t set up for digital payments, like Apple Pay. 

Have you ever used Apple Pay on Amazon? Was it easy to do? Let me know in the comments below. 

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