Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

Chipotle does accept Apple Pay at all of its locations. You can use Apple Pay inside Chipotle stores or also through the official Chipotle app. Using digital wallets and payments here is easy with either of these options. 

This post will explore if Chipotle will take Apple Pay. I’ll highlight all of the details you need to know related to Chipotle and Apple Pay. I’ll also highlight some other important related information to help you have a straightforward experience when using Apple Pay here. 

Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways

  • Chipotle accepts Apple Pay at all of its locations, making it easy and convenient to use this digital wallet here. 
  • You can pay in the store with Apple Pay by tapping your iPhone at checkout or use Apple Pay as your payment method in the Chipotle app. 
  • Be sure to set up your Apple Pay account before going into a Chipotle location to take advantage of this quick form of payment. 

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay? 

Chipotle does take Apple Pay, making it very easy to pay for your favorite burritos, tacos, or anything else here. You can use Apple Pay at every Chipotle location, and the chain accepts most payment methods, including digital wallets. 

Using Apple Pay at Chipotle is very easy, and you can walk right into a store to make it happen. All Chipotle locations have digital readers that allow you to tap or swipe your iPhone if it is set up with Apple Pay at checkout. 

You should be sure to set up your Apple Pay account before going into a Chipotle location to take advantage of the feature. This will ensure you have a quick and easy process inside the store, which is the idea behind using digital payments in the first place. 

You can also use Apple Pay as your payment method in the Chipotle app. This can help streamline the ordering process even more because you can pay for your transaction before entering the restaurant. 

The Chipotle app can also give you access to deals and discounts that you can find in the store. Downloading the app and installing it on your iPhone is a great way to take advantage of special deals and the convenience of Apple Pay at the same time. 

You don’t need to use the Chipotle app to order at the restaurant with Apple Pay. You can also walk into a store and simply tap your iPhone at checkout. Either way will give you access to your food fast. 

Can I Order Chipotle Online and Pay In Store? 

You can order Chipotle online and still pay in the store if you want to. To do this, be sure to select “Pay in Store” as your payment option when you make an online order through the Chipotle app. 

When you go to the Chipotle store to pick up your order, you can pay for it with whatever method you choose. You’ll still be able to pay using Apple Pay at the checkout counter, or you can use a card or a different digital wallet. 

If you don’t select the Pay in Store option from the Chipotle app, you’ll be prompted to enter a different payment method when making your order. If you see this, you’ve gone too far within the app and can return to select the other option. 

Chipotle App Payment Methods

Using Apple Pay as your payment method within the Chipotle app is one of the most convenient ways to get set up. But it’s not your only option for payment within the app, so you can explore a different payment if you want or need to. 

The Chipotle app also takes other types of digital wallets or most major credit and debit cards. You can enter whatever payment method you want to use when you go through the ordering process. Just follow the prompts within the app to get these set up. 

You can also change things up quickly in the app whenever you want to. You can switch from a digital payment to a physical card in the app’s settings section. You can also choose to pay in the store rather than within the app. 


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if Chipotle takes Apple Pay. 

What forms of payment does Chipotle take? 

Chipotle accepts many common forms of payment, including all of the common major credit and debit cards. The restaurant also accepts digital wallets like Apple Pay and prepaid cards and gift cards. Check the Chipotle website for all of the forms of payment it takes. 

Does Chipotle take digital wallets? 

Chipotle does accept digital wallets at all of its locations. This includes common digital wallets like Apple Pay. You can use these by scanning your phone or wallet app inside the store or you can also set up the payments in the Chipotle app. 

Does Chipotle take tap to pay? 

Chipotle has tap-to-pay at most of its many locations. You can use digital wallets or tap-enabled cards at locations with digital payment terminals installed. This makes it quick and easy to pay for your food at checkout. 

Does Chipotle take Apple Pay in store? 

Chipotle does take Apple pay in the store. You can walk into any Chipotle location and pay for your food with your iPhone by either tapping the phone at checkout or setting up Apple Pay as your payment method in the Chipotle app. 

Is Chipotle going cashless? 

Some Chipotle locations have asked customers to use exact change or cashless payment methods, but the chain has faced backlash from this decision. You can still pay with cash at Chipotle locations. 

Final Thoughts 

Using Apple Pay at Chipotle is easy and straightforward. The chain accepts Apple Pay at all locations, and you can pay at checkout by tapping your iPhone on the digital readers. You can also use the Chipotle app to order and pay using Apple Pay. 

The Chipotle app can give you access to various deals and discounts, so you should consider using it with Apple Pay. Setting up a digital payment method is easy within the app, and it might get you a few extra goodies from the restaurant. 

Have you ever used Apple Pay at Chipotle? Did you use the Chipotle app or pay in the store? Let me know in the comments below.

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