Does CVS Take Apple Pay?

CVS does take Apple Pay for in-store purchases. You cannot use Apple Pay for online shopping or with the CVS app, and this applies to pharmacy orders. There are a handful of CVS locations that aren’t set up for digital payments and can’t accept Apple Pay at all.

This post will explore if CVS takes Apple Pay. I’ll touch on what you can expect if you want to pay with Apple Pay at a CVS location or use it when you shop online at this common retailer. I’ll also highlight some other related information. 

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • CVS does take Apple Pay for in-store purchases at nearly all of its locations, but you can’t use Apple Pay for online purchases or at the pharmacy. 
  • A few CVS locations don’t have the setup to accept digital payments, and these won’t take Apple Pay. 
  • You can contact the CVS near you to decide whether a specific location can take Apple Pay. 

Does CVS Take Apple Pay? 

CVS does take Apple Pay at nearly all of its locations. This is good news if you want to use Apple Pay and like to shop at CVS because you can visit thousands of locations all over the US. 

However, you can only use Apple Pay for in-store purchases and not for any online orders. This includes using the CVS website or app. You’ll need to use a major credit or debit card for any online purchases through this retailer. 

The pharmacy is one reason people shop at CVS, and many prescriptions are filled and purchased here. But you can’t use Apple Pay for prescription medications at CVS. You need to use cash, a check, or a US-issued credit or debit card. 

CVS has a lot more than just pharmaceutical products, which means you can use Apple Pay for many different things in the store, such as food and household products. You just can’t use mobile payments for your prescriptions. 

Another thing to know is that only some CVS locations have readers for digital payments. And if a store doesn’t have these readers, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay or other digital wallets at them. Nearly all CVS locations have readers; you can use Apple Pay at those. 

If you want to know whether the CVS location near you takes Apple Pay, you should call them or visit the store and ask customer service. There is a high probability that they will accept Apple Pay, but it’s not a bad idea to check beforehand. 

Does CVS Self Checkout Take Apple Pay? 

CVS does take Apple Pay at the self-checkout kiosks at many of its locations. This makes shopping here very convenient and easy using a digital wallet. You can use it at CVS self-checkouts if you have Apple Pay set up and verified. 

There is a slight chance that a CVS location might have self-checkout available but doesn’t have the readers for digital payments yet. This isn’t common, but it is possible, so having another method of payment might be needed. 

How to Use Apple Pay at CVS

If you are shopping in a CVS location, using Apple Pay is very simple. As long as you have your Apple Pay account set up and verified, you can use it as your payment method when you check out with all of your purchases. 

You just need to hold your iPhone or Apple Watch next to the mobile payment reader to get Apple Pay to work. Once the transaction begins, you’ll need to confirm it on your iPhone. After that, you’re all set. 

Remember that you can’t use Apple Pay at CVS for prescription purchases, but you can use it for most things in the rest of the store. And if a CVS location isn’t set up for digital payments, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if CVS takes Apple Pay. 

Can I pay with my phone at CVS? 

You can pay with your phone at CVS for most in-store purchases, as this retailer is set up for digital payments. You can’t pay for pharmacy orders or online purchases with Apple Pay, so you must be in the physical store to use the mobile payment app. 

What forms of payment does CVS accept? 

CVS accepts a wide range of payments, including US-issued credit cards like Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. You can also use digital wallets associated with these types of cards. Cash and checks are also accepted. 

Does CVS accept digital wallets? 

CVS does accept digital wallet payments for in-store purchases. You cannot use digital wallets for online payments, but as long as you are in the store, you can. This includes common wallet apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and PayPal. 

Does CVS take Apple Pay for Instacart?

Since CVS does not accept digital wallet payments for online purchases, you can’t use Apple Pay with Instacart for this retailer. You’ll need to use another form of payment if you want to set up Instacart with CVS. 

Does CVS take Apple Pay for Money Orders? 

You cannot use Apple Pay at CVS for money orders. There aren’t many places that allow you to use Apple Pay or any credit card for money orders. CVS only takes Apple Pay for in-store purchases from its storefront. 

Final Thoughts

CVS was one of the first major pharmacies and retail stores to accept Apple Pay when it was first an option. Almost every CVS location accepts this form of payment for in-store purchases today. 

You can’t use Apple Pay at CVS for prescriptions or online purchases. This applies to using the CVS app as well. But as long as you’re in the store, you can use Apple Pay for most things offered here. 

Have you ever used Apple Pay at CVS? How was the experience? Let me know in the comments below. 

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