Does Publix Take Apple Pay?

You can pay with Apple Pay at Publix grocery stores. Publix has contactless or digital payment readers at all locations, allowing you to use Apple Pay or any other digital wallet here. These are available at over 1,000 Publix stores. 

This post will explore if Publix takes Apple Pay. I’ll give you a bunch of details related to using Apple Pay at Publix and provide you with some other important related information. I aim to help you get access to all the groceries you want at this popular chain. 

Let’s dig in. 

Key Takeaways

  • Publix accepts Apple Pay at all of its locations, and you can pay in the store by tapping your iPhone at the digital payment readers. 
  • Publix does not have an app or online payment portal, so you need to pay in the store with Apple Pay if you want to use it. 
  • You can use Apple Pay with Instacart at Publix, giving you a way to get your groceries delivered with the convenience of paying online. 

Does Publix Take Apple Pay? 

Publix is a popular grocery store with over one thousand locations across the southeastern portion of the US. And you can use Apple Pay to get groceries or other supplies at any Publix location. 

Publix accepts Apple Pay and other digital payment methods at all its stores. If you see a Publix, you can rest assured that you can use Apple Pay there. This is a great way to pay if you want to speed up the checkout process. 

Publix locations and checkout counters are equipped with digital payment readers that allow you to use Apple Pay at them. These are available at all checkout lines, including any self-checkout terminals that might be at the store. 

You can use Apple Pay to pay for regular groceries at Publix stores, and you can also use it to get liquor or from the pharmacy. You might need to wait in separate lines to pay for alcohol and prescriptions. 

You can’t use Apple Pay to pay for money orders at Publix. While Publix does offer money orders, you can only use a debit card or cash to get these. You can use Apple Pay to withdraw money from the Publix ATM if it’s equipped with digital readers. 

How to Use Apple Pay at Publix

Using Apple Pay at Publix is easy, and it’s just like using digital payments at any other store you might already be familiar with. To use Apple Pay at any location, you’ll need to set up your Apple Pay account first. 

You can set up your Apple Pay account within the Wallet app on your iPhone. Open the app to get started and follow all of the instructions. You’ll be prompted to enter some personal information and connect a payment method. 

Once the account is set up, you can go into any Publix location and use your iPhone to pay at checkout. All you need to do is tap or swipe your phone at the digital reader and then confirm the transaction. 

You can also use Apple Pay with Instacart at Publix. This can help you order things online or get them delivered from the store. You’ll need to download and install the Instacart app to make this happen. 

Once you make an order on Instacart, choose Apple Pay as your payment method when you want to complete the transaction. You’ll need a valid form of payment connected to your Apple Pay account to do this.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if Publix takes Apple Pay. 

Can I pay with my phone at Publix? 

If you have a digital wallet set up on your phone, you can use it to pay at Publix locations. This includes common digital payment methods such as Apple Pay. Paying with your phone is easy if you have one of these set up before you go shopping. 

Does Publix take Apple Pay for money orders? 

Publix does not accept credit cards for making money orders, so you can’t use Apple Pay to purchase a money order here if your account is linked to a credit card. But if you’re Apple Pay account is connected to a debit card, you might be able to use it for a money order at Publix. 

Does Publix take Apple Pay for Instacart? 

You can use Apple Pay for Instacart at Publix. This can be a great way to get all your groceries or supplies without visiting the store in person. You can handle the transaction via Instacart and choose Apple Pay as your payment method. 

Does Publix ATM take Apple Pay? 

If the Publix ATM you visit is equipped with digital card readers, you can use Apple Pay to withdraw cash. You must also have a debit card linked to your Apple Pay account because you can’t use a credit card at an ATM. 

Does Publix liquor take Apple Pay? 

Publix liquor stores will accept Apple Pay because the stores are equipped to handle contactless and digital payments. You can use Apple Pay to purchase liquor in the same way as you would for any other purchase at the grocery store. 

Does Publix pharmacy take Apple Pay? 

The Publix pharmacy does take Apple Pay, and you can use this payment method to pick up prescriptions here. Some stores require you to have a debit card rather than a credit card linked to your Apple Pay account for the pharmacy. 

Final Thoughts

Publix takes Apple Pay at all its many locations, allowing you to quickly and easily make a digital payment at check out. Just be sure to set up your Apple Pay account before you start shopping. 

If you live in an area with Publix stores, using Apple Pay can help streamline the shopping process. You won’t have to worry about bringing extra cards or cash along if you get Apple Pay set up. 

Have you ever used Apple Pay at Publix? Did you use it for groceries or something else? Let me know in the comments below.

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