Does Ross Take Apple Pay?

Ross does take Apple Pay at all of its locations. You can use Apple Pay inside Ross stores by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch at checkout. You can also use it when you make orders from Ross online.

This post will explore if Ross takes Apple Pay. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about using Apple Pay here and highlight some other vital information to help you save some time at this store.

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Ross takes Apple Pay at all of its locations, and you can use this payment method at checkout to purchase anything from the store. 
  • Ross also accepts Apple Pay for online purchases through its website – just be sure to choose this as your payment method when checking out. 
  • You should set up your Apple Pay account before entering a Ross store to take advantage of its convenience. 

Does Ross Take Apple Pay? 

Ross accepts Apple Pay at all of its stores. This is an easy and convenient way to pay for any purchase you want from Ross, giving you easy access to one of the best discount retailers out there.

You can use Apple Pay at any Ross store you find. Every location has digital readers or contactless payment technologies installed at the register, allowing you to tap your iPhone or Apple Watch to use Apple Pay here. 

Apple Pay is also an option when you want to order anything online from the Ross website. You just need to select Apple Pay as your payment method when you checkout online and have your Apple Pay account set up beforehand. 

Using Apple Pay at Ross Dress for Less is really easy, and the store also accepts a few other digital wallets. But Apple Pay is the best way to get in and out of the store quickly while adding another layer of security while you shop. 

Remember always to set up your Apple Pay account before you go into a Ross store to take advantage of all the convenience it offers. Setting up the account is easy, but it takes a few minutes, and you’ll need to link a valid payment method.

Using Apple Pay for online Ross orders can give you access to more products than you’ll find in a single location. This can also be an ideal way to shop if you don’t have a Ross location near you, but still want to shop at one. 

Ross Payment Methods

You have a handful of different payment methods to choose from when you shop at Ross. Apple Pay is one of the easiest ways to shop here, but it’s not the only option to consider. 

You get the most payment options when you shop in-store at any Ross location. The stores take most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. If you have a different credit card than these, check with the store near you to see if it will work. 

Digital wallets, like Apple Pay, are also an option. You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and several other digital payments in the store. Using a tap-enabled card is just about as quick and easy as using digital wallets. 

The stores also accept cash and checks. If you want to use a check, you’ll need to show a valid ID, and some Ross locations might ask for more information to help verify your identity and prevent any checks from bouncing. 

If you want to order from Ross online, you don’t have as many options. You can still use all of the accepted credit and debit cards online. You can also use Apple Pay for online purchases, but some other digital wallets, like Google Pay, are not accepted. 

Cash and check obviously aren’t an option when you want to shop online. You either need to use an approved card or a digital payment method. Ross does have an app, but it has the same valid payment methods as online shopping here. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if Ross takes Apple Pay. 

What forms of payment does Ross accept? 

Ross accepts many types of payment, including most major credit and debit cards. You can also use digital wallets like Apple Pay here, and cash is always an option. Accepted cards include Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. 

Does Ross take contactless payments? 

Ross does take contactless payments, and you can use a digital wallet or tap-enabled card at the checkout register at any Ross location. Every Ross location is equipped with digital readers so that you can make contactless payments anywhere. 

Does Ross take Google Pay? 

Ross does accept Google Pay inside the store at all of its locations. You can’t use Google Pay for online purchases through the Ross website. Some digital payment methods are only available for in-store purchases at Ross. 

Does Ross take tap-to-pay? 

Ross does take tap-to-pay in all of its stores. You can use your smartphone or tap-enabled card at the checkout registers to pay for anything you purchase in the store. Tap-to-pay readers are available in every Ross location. 

Does Ross accept Samsung Pay? 

Ross does accept Samsung Pay, but only for in-store purchases. You can’t use this digital wallet for Ross online shopping. You can use Samsung pay at checkout by tapping your Samsung phone on one of the contactless readers. 

Final Thoughts

Using Apple Pay at Ross is a great way to simplify your shopping experience while also getting access to all the deals and discounts this retailer offers. And you can use Apple Pay in all Ross stores and when shopping online. 

Always be sure to set up your Apple Pay account before you try to use it at Ross or any other location. You need to have the account set up with a valid form of payment for it to work at locations that accept digital wallets. 

Have you ever used Apple Pay at Ross? Did you shop in-store or online? Let me know in the comments below. 

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