Fixing Dictionary App Keeps Popping up Issue

If you are experiencing this annoying issue: the Dictionary keeps popping up when you type or use the mouse on your Mac, here is the solution for you.

The issue appeared on my MacBook Pro all of a sudden, I had no idea what I did. I was just typing to type on a Google doc and some words got automatically highlighted, followed by a Dictionary app showed up providing a definition of the word the mouse pointed at. And my screen sometimes enlarged by itself.


At first, I thought it was that I haven’t updated my MacBook to the latest macOS, so I went ahead and updated. But the issue still persisted.

The Solution

It’s actually quite simple to disable dictionary from popping up on Mac. All you need to do is uncheck an option in the trackpad setting.

Step 1: click on the Apple icon on the top left corner, then select System Preferences.


Step 2: click on Trackpad.


Step 3: under the Point & Click tab, uncheck the Look up & data detectors option.


That’ll do it. Now the annoying dictionary keeps popping up issue should not re-appear.

Quite simple, right?

Not sure how I mistakenly checked this option. My guess is that I might have mis-clicked it while I was cleaning my Mac screen and keyboard.

Anyway, hope this tip has helped you out.

25 thoughts on “Fixing Dictionary App Keeps Popping up Issue”

  1. Thank you! I’ve been trying to find a solution to this irritation for a while!!
    Nice to not have this annoying feature constantly coming up!!

    • Yes, can’t thank you enough. It was so frustrating trying to finish a report with the constant pop-ups

  2. Thank you! I received a laptop to work from home (having always used a desktop computer) and the dictionary popup has been driving me insane. This worked a charm.

  3. Thank you! It was popping up in meetings – very distracting. Now I know why – I was pausing on my trackpad. Argh.

  4. It popped up again for me after I did what you said. Why don’t they get rid of it? Ban it? It blocks other things. Very annoying.

  5. i did what you instructed on the trackpad page, i found only the middle choice checked.
    The first choice, which you said to “uncheck” wasn’t checked, and the third wasn’t either .
    I hope someone can figure this out. i am so disabled i can’t do my work!!

  6. Just got my new MacBookPro and dealing with that made me furious. Thank you so much for the right answer. It’s gone. I’m appreciating my older MacBookPro more as I use this one with problems like that. I’m finding that a lot of my problems were not an 8-year old MacBookPro but apparently is the software.


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