Fixing Dictionary App Keeps Popping up Issue

If you are experiencing this issue as I did — the?Dictionary/definition keeps popping up when you type or use the mouse, here’s the solution for you.

The problem appeared on my MacBook from yesterday, which I had no idea what I did. I was just typing on Google docs and some words got automatically highlighted, followed by a Dictionary app showed up that provided a definition of the word the mouse pointed at (see this screenshot). The weirdest?thing was that my screen sometimes enlarged itself.


At first, I thought it was due to that I haven’t updated system to latest OS — so I went ahead and upgraded OS. But the issue still persisted.

The real solution

It’s actually quite simple. All you need to do is disable an option via in the trackpad setting.

Step 1: on your Mac, open System Preferences.


Step 2: click Trackpad.


Step 3: under Point & Click tab, uncheck “Look up & data detectors”.


That’s it. Quite simple, right?

Not sure how I messed up and checked this option. My guess is that I might have mis-clicked it while I was cleaning my Mac screen and keyboard.

Anyway, hope this tip has helped you out.

15 thoughts on “Fixing Dictionary App Keeps Popping up Issue”

  1. Thank you! I’ve been trying to find a solution to this irritation for a while!!
    Nice to not have this annoying feature constantly coming up!!

    • Glad you found the solution helpful, Jeff. I too, found it annoying 🙂 Thanks for your comment anyway.


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