What Does Hide Alert Mean on iPhone?

The “Hide Alerts” feature lets you mute notifications for a conversation or group text in the Messages app. To enable it, open “Messages,” navigate to the conversation you want to mute, tap the contact icon, and toggle on “Hide Alerts.”

Hi, I’m Devansh. I use Hide Alerts on my iPhone 13 to mute messages from companies that send promotional messages. In this article, I’ll show you how to turn Hide Alerts on and off in Messages and answer some common questions.

If you want to learn more about Hide Alerts and how to use it on your iPhone, keep reading!

How to Turn Hide Alerts On and Off in Messages

As noted above, Hide Alerts mutes notifications for group texts and conversations. It doesn’t mute the entire app, and you still receive the messages. Let’s look at how you can enable it on your iPhone.

  • Step 1: Open Messages.
  • Step 2: Open the conversation you want to mute and tap the contact icon at the top of the thread.
  • Step 3: Toggle on Hide Alerts.

Alternatively, swipe left or touch and hold a conversation in the Messages list, and tap Mute or Hide Alerts.

When Hide Alerts is on, the alerts button appears next to the conversation on the right side. On iOS 14 or earlier, a crescent moon icon appears instead.

If you want to revert this setting, swipe left on the conversation again and tap Unmute.

Doing this will reverse the silence setting, resuming notifications for that conversation.


Here are some common questions about hiding alerts on the iPhone.

How to Enable Hide Alerts For All Unknown Numbers?

You can turn on Filter Unknown Senders. It will direct the messages to another folder. To do this, open Settings, go to Messages, and toggle on Filter Unknown Senders. Note that this setting may prevent you from receiving verification code texts.

Does Hide Alerts Also Mute Calls?

No, Hide Alerts doesn’t mute calls. To silence unknown callers on your iPhone, open Settings, go to Phone, and toggle on Silence Unknown Callers. You can read this article for steps to block calls.

Will the Sender Know if You Hide Alerts for Their Messages?

No. Hide Alerts is a private setting, so the sender doesn’t know when you enable this feature. But, if you’ve activated Focus, they may receive a notification when they message you. Check this article to learn more about Share Focus Status.


Hide Alerts is a nifty feature that allows you to mute the notifications from conversations or group texts in the Messages app. To enable it, open the conversation you want to mute, tap the contact icon, and toggle on Hide Alerts.

Next time you want to mute a group text or a conversation, don’t forget Hide Alerts! I hope my article helped you understand Hide Alerts and how to use it on your iPhone.

Do you have further questions about hiding alerts on your iPhone? Let me know in the comments!

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