How to Copy and Paste with Magic Mouse 2

If you’re new to using the Magic Mouse 2, you have probably noticed how nice it is not to have a cord tied to your Mac, but you are also probably still getting used to the lack of buttons and a wheel on the device. The Magic Mouse 2 does take a bit of learning when you first start using it.

A mouse action you are probably used to doing on a traditional mouse is the standard copy and paste. To do this with a Magic Mouse 2, select your text in the normal manner, then press the right side of the mouse to bring up the context menu and copy or paste as you normally would.

My name is Eric, and I am an engineer and a tech enthusiast. Using a new device such as the Magic Mouse 2 can often have a learning curve, and we often need help to figure out how to use it to do our everyday tasks. 

If you need help with this one, keep reading below, and I will show you a couple of ways to copy and paste with the Magic Mouse 2.

The Default Method

You will find that using the default method is very similar to the copy-and-paste way you would use with a regular two-button mouse. As long as your Magic Mouse 2 is set up so that when you push on the left side, it is a left click, and pushing on the right side is a right click.

This is the default setup for the Magic Mouse 2, so there should be no need to change anything. Follow the steps below to copy and paste using the default method with the Magic Mouse 2.

Step 1: Select the text you wish to copy and paste.

Select or highlight the text you wish to copy and paste by double-clicking the text or using the mouse cursor and clicking on the front left side of the mouse at the beginning of the text, holding down the mouse button on the front left side, and dragging the mouse cursor to the end of the text. 

Step 2: Right-click on the selected text and copy.

Hover the mouse pointer over the selected text and press down on the front right side of the Magic Mouse 2. This will display the context menu on the screen near the selected text. Click on Copy.

Step 4: Right-Click in the area where you want to paste the text and paste.

Right-click in the area where you want to paste the text. This will again bring up the context menu, and you can then click on Paste to paste the text into that area.

The text you have copied in Step 3 above should have been pasted into the area you selected in Step 4.

The Control Key Method

If your Magic Mouse 2 has not been configured to use the right and left click from each side of the mouse, you can use the control critical method. The goal is to bring up the context menu so that you can select the Copy and Paste functions when needed.

If the mouse is not configured for right and left clicks, a click anywhere on the front of the mouse will act as a left click. To execute a right click, hold down the CONTROL key on your keyboard and press down on the front of the Magic Mouse 2.

Performing the action with the CONTROL key and the mouse click will bring up the context menu, and you can then perform copy and past actions. So if you want to use this method, follow steps 1 through 4 above and use the CONTROL key + a mouse click whenever it calls for a left click.

Following the steps above but using the CONTROL+click will allow you to cut and paste without any problem, but if you’re Magic Mouse 2 was not configured to use the left and right click, and you would like to be able to do so, see the next section or information on how to configure it.

Configuring Right-click

By default, the Magic Mouse 2 should be configured to enable the right-click functionality. Sometimes, your configuration may have been changed by an application or by accident. If so, it’s easy to change it so that you can use right-click on your mouse.

The right click, also known as a secondary click, can be enabled in system settings. Just open your system settings, click on the mouse section, and then click on the Secondary Click check box to enable the right or secondary click.

Your mouse should now be enabled to use both left and right clicks, depending on which side of the mouse you press.


Below are some frequently asked questions when discussing how to copy and paste with the Magic Mouse 2.

What is a Secondary Click?

A secondary click is a click action that performs a secondary function on your computer, such as bringing up the context menu instead of selecting an item or taking an action like clicking a button or link. The right click on a mouse is often configured to perform the secondary click, so we usually think of the secondary and right clicks as being one and the same.

Can I copy and paste with the original Magic Mouse?

Yes, you definitely can. You can copy and paste either of the methods described above to copy and paste just like you can with the Magic Mouse 2.

Are there keyboard commands for the copy and paste actions?

Yes, there are keyboard shortcuts, and you can see them when you bring up the context menu. The COMMAND+C button will copy text, and the COMMAND+V button will paste. You can still use your mouse to select or highlight text and then use the keyboard to copy and paste it if you want.


You can copy and paste using your Magic Mouse 2, much like you would with a traditional mouse. You use right and left click actions by pressing on the right or left side of the mouse. Using the CONTROL key and a mouse press to bring up the context menu when needed is also possible.

I hope the information above can help you to use your Magic Mouse 2 to copy and paste. As usual, let me know if you have any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you.

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