How to Turn off or Disable Siri on Mac

Siri is a useful tool for a multitude of reasons, but for just as many reasons, you could simply decide not to use her. If its helpfulness has become more of a hindrance, fear no more. Luckily for those who choose not to use Siri, disabling her is fairly simple.

I have been in the tech industry for the better part of 3+ years, starting my career building desktop computers and working on MacBooks and laptops. Rest assured, I have not once used or had the urge to use Siri for anything. 

This will be a short and sweet article that will hopefully help you better navigate your Mac, and show you how to disable your Siri. 

Follow me for the steps on how to easily remove Siri on Mac.

Step 1: Launch System Preferences on your Mac.

This will be the cogwheel icon in your dock, or you can find it by clicking the small apple logo in the top left logo and selecting System Preferences.

Step 2: Once you have launched System Preferences, navigate to Siri and double-click it to enter the settings. 

Step 3: Once there, deselect the “Enable Ask Siri” button, and voila! Siri will be no more.

Don’t feel guilty about turning off Siri, you won’t even notice in the long run, trust me. Just remember, System Preferences, Siri, deselect “Enable Ask Siri”, and just like that, you can deactivate Siri.

If you ever want to turn it on again, just check the “Enable Ask Siri” option and click the blue Enable button to confirm.

One last tip: sometimes you may still want to use Siri, but just need to change the preferences a bit to make it work better for you. If so, see this Apple support guide for more information.

Thanks for checking the article out and letting me help, if you have any more questions let me know down below.

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