How to Tell If iPhone is Jailbroken

The best way to tell if your iPhone is jailbroken is to check if the ‘Cydia’ or ‘Sileo’ apps are installed. In addition, you can also check for performance issues and run a diagnostics test using a security app.

Hi, I’m Devansh. A friend recently bought a refurbished iPhone and asked me how to check if it is jailbroken or not. In this article, I’ll show you three ways to check if your iPhone is jailbroken. I’ll also discuss the restoration process and answer some common questions.

If you want to check whether your iPhone is jailbroken or not, don’t miss any of the points in this article!

Top 3 Signs Your iPhone is Jailbroken

Jailbreaking is a way to bypass your iPhone’s security restrictions. It opens up many doors and allows you to download apps that are not available on the App Store, delete stock apps, and modify the layout of the home screen and app drawer.

Unfortunately, it also exposes your iPhone to many security vulnerabilities, makes iOS unstable, disables software updates, and more. Here are three major signs that your iPhone is jailbroken.

Cydia or Sileo

If your iPhone is jailbroken, it probably has Cydia or Sileo installed. Cydia describes itself as ‘an alternative to Apple’s App Store for “jailbroken” devices.’ These apps likely won’t appear on the Home screen. You can search for them in the App Library.

In addition to Cydia and Sileo, try to spot any other unusual apps on your iPhone that aren’t approved by the App Store. Open Settings, General, and scroll down to view any third-party software iOS doesn’t recognize.

Performance Issues

Does your iPhone crash frequently, consume more power, and overheat? If yes, these signs also indicate that your iPhone is jailbroken. In addition, you should also check for unusual user profiles. Open Settings, go to General, and tap VPN & Device Management.

Security Issues

Lastly, another way to tell if your iPhone is jailbroken is to run a diagnostics test using a security app like Certo, Avast, or AVG Mobile Security. These apps will let you know if your iPhone has any security issues.

How to Restore Jailbroken iPhone

If you want to return your jailbroken iPhone to stock iOS, the safest way is to erase all data and restore it to factory settings. Before you do this, back up your most valuable iPhone data on iCloud or your Mac or Windows PC.

Once your most important data is secure in a secondary location, you can erase the iPhone data. Open Settings, go to General, and Transfer or Reset iPhone. On the next page, tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Tap on Continue, enter your passcode, and confirm it. If you want to restore your iPhone to factory settings using your Mac or Windows PC, check this Support page. What if this doesn’t work? Try Recovery Mode or take your iPhone to a technician.

After doing this, once you set up your iPhone and restore from your backup, consider updating to the latest iOS version. Open Settings, go to General, and tap on Software Update.


Here are two common questions about jailbroken iPhones.

Can a Jailbroken iPhone Be Used for Spying on Personal Data?

Yes. If your iPhone is jailbroken, it can run spyware apps that can monitor your activity. I’d recommend you take the steps in the above section to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Should You Return a Jailbroken iPhone?

If you bought a refurbished iPhone and weren’t notified by the seller that it was jailbroken, you should definitely return it and get a refund. A jailbroken iPhone has many security vulnerabilities and isn’t safe to use.


There are many ways to tell if an iPhone is jailbroken. Aside from performance issues, you can check for unusual apps like Cydia or Sileo and run a security check. If your iPhone is jailbroken, follow the above process to restore it.

Do you have any further questions about telling if an iPhone is jailbroken? Feel free to share them with me in the comments; I’d be happy to help you!

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