How to Fix It When iPhone Volume Keeps Going Down

The quick answer is:

Identify any external causes for the volume going down on your iPhone, like wrong placement, faulty case, and dust build-up. Next, open the “Settings” app to turn off Bluetooth, “Attention Aware Features,” “Headphone Safety,” and “Sound Check.”

Hi, I’m Devansh. There was once when listening to music on my iPhone 13, the volume kept going down without my input. It was because of the way I had placed my iPhone on my desk; the down volume button was getting pressed. I moved my iPhone, and the volume stayed fixed.

In this article, I’ll walk you through three quick steps to fix the volume on your iPhone. I’ll also mention four changes you can make in the Settings app and answer some common questions.

If your iPhone’s volume keeps dropping without input, keep reading to learn how to fix it!

3 Quick Steps to Fix Volume on Your iPhone

First, adjust the placement of your iPhone. If other objects push against it, they could press the volume down button. Next, take off your iPhone case. If installed incorrectly, it could cause accidental presses on the volume down button.

Over time, it’s common for dust to gather around the buttons and cause random presses. You can clean the dust around the volume buttons with an unused, soft-bristle toothbrush.

Once done, put on your iPhone case, play music or videos, and see if the volume stays fixed. As per my experience, this should improve the volume going down issue in most cases. But, if it doesn’t, keep reading for software-based solutions.

Top 4 iOS Settings Changes to Fix iPhone Volume

As I’ve learned, a wrong software setting can lead to sound going down on your iPhone. In this section, let’s go through four common settings that you should turn off in the Settings app.

Step 1: Turn Bluetooth Off and On

Bluetooth-connected devices like headphones or speakers may interfere with your iPhone’s volume settings. To reconnect all Bluetooth connections, open Settings, head to Bluetooth, and toggle it off and on again.

If you suspect that a particular device controls your iPhone’s volume, tap the “i” button next to it and tap Forget This Device. Now, check if the volume behaves as usual.

Step 2: Turn Off Attention Aware Features

When enabled, Attention Aware Features lowers your iPhone’s ringtone and alert volume when it identifies you looking at the screen. If you want to turn it off, go to Accessibility, Face ID & Attention, and toggle off Attention Aware Features.

Although Attention Aware Features doesn’t affect media volume (only alerts), it’s still worth turning off if you struggle with low volume on your iPhone.

Step 3: Turn Off Headphone Safety Features

A family member may have enabled the Headphone Notifications and Reduce Loud Audio features on your iPhone. These prevent your headphones from exceeding a specified volume level to protect your hearing.

To turn these features off and unlock the full iPhone sound, go to Sounds & Haptics, tap Headphone Safety, and toggle off Headphone Notifications and Reduce Loud Audio.

Once done, see if you can raise the volume and keep it at your desired level.

Step 4: Turn Off Sound Check

Sound Check is an Apple Music feature that regulates the volume level of audio tracks. Although it can be helpful sometimes, it can also make your music quieter than usual. To turn off Sound Check, go to the Music tab and toggle off Sound Check.

I hope the above software changes fixed your iPhone’s decreasing volume issue. In the next section, I’ll answer your other questions about this issue.


Here are some common questions about low volume on your iPhone.

How to Check if Your iPhone is in Silent Mode? How to Turn It Off?

If the Ring/Silent switch on the side of your iPhone is showing orange, switch it back. Do Not Disturb can also put your iPhone in Silent mode. To turn off Do Not Disturb, open Control Centre and tap the Focus button. Check this article to learn more about Do Not Disturb.

Is the Volume Going Down Due to Hardware Damage to Your iPhone?

Yes, internal hardware damage in your iPhone may interfere with the volume. If so, contact Apple Support and let experts handle the troubleshooting process.


You can stop the volume going down on your iPhone in three steps. First, ensure no other objects press the volume down button, install the case correctly, and clean the dust around the buttons.

If that doesn’t fix the volume, open Settings to disconnect faulty Bluetooth devices and turn off Attention Aware Features, Headphone Safety, and Sound Check. Following these steps can resolve the issue causing your iPhone’s volume to lower automatically.

Do you have further questions about the low volume on your iPhone? Let me know in the comments!

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