Is Magic Mouse 2 Good for Gaming?

The Magic Mouse 2 is a wonderful device. It is excellent for browsing websites, working on documents or spreadsheets, and even CAD applications. In General, it helps with productivity and is very convenient since it is wireless, but is it good for gaming?

It may depend on what type of games you want to use it for, but for the most part, the Magic Mouse 2 is not good for gaming

My name is Eric, and as a longtime computer enthusiast, and software engineer, I love to evaluate devices like the Magic Mouse 2 to find their strengths and weaknesses. The Magic Mouse 2 has many strengths, but gaming is not one of them.

Keep reading below, and I will explain why the Magic Mouse 2 is not good for gaming. I will also cover why it is still a nice mouse and why it might work for some games.

Why isn’t the Magic Mouse 2 Good for Gaming?

While the Magic Mouse 2 is an excellent device for many things, it does not work well for games, at least not for FPS (First Person Shooter) and other action-type games where you need to act quickly. Below are some main reasons why it is not a good choice for most gaming.


The latency or slow reaction of the mouse is one of the biggest problems with using it. Those who have attempted to use the Magic Mouse 2 for gaming report a significant lag between the user’s movements and button clicks and the results on the screen.

If you’re playing any kind of FPS-type game or any other fast-paced action game, that lag will affect your performance. From the gamers I have spoken to and others from whom I have read reviews, that lag is extremely frustrating and really not acceptable for that type of gaming. 

No Buttons

The Magic Mouse 2 has no physical buttons that click; it just senses the area you are tapping. While this is very cool for many applications and uses, gamers struggle to get used to it. They are used to feeling the buttons actually click and seeing results on the screen.

In some games, you also need to click both the left and right buttons at the same time to perform certain actions. Clicking or holding down both left and right buttons simultaneously is impossible with a Magic Mouse.

No Wheel

The Magic Mouse 2 does not have a wheel. It does have the ability to scroll when using it for most applications, but it does not work well for most games where you use the mouse wheel. 

Many gamers have already learned to use the wheel effectively, and trying to brush your finger along the surface of the mouse just doesn’t feel right and does not work as well for games.

Ergonomically Uncomfortable

The Magic Mouse 2 has a great ergonomic design that works well and is very comfortable for most productivity applications and doing things like surfing the internet. This is not necessarily true for gaming.

Most gamers do not like the shape and feel of the Magic Mouse 2 for gaming. Gamers tend to hold or clutch their mouse very tightly when playing intense games, and after an hour or more of doing so, the mouse is just not comfortable, and soreness quickly sets into the hands and wrists.


The Magic Mouse 2 is very lightweight, a great feature in most applications. For gaming, it’s a different story. The lightweight can make movements too extreme since it is easier to push around.

For action games, it is better to have a mouse that is a little heavier and more substantial. This provides some resistance and allows the gamer to use a little more force during intense actions of a game.

Advantages of Using a Magic Mouse 2 for Gaming

I’ve covered some of the reasons that I feel the Magic Mouse 2 is not good for gaming, and while I think I have a pretty strong case as to why it is not ideal as a gaming mouse, there are some advantages to using the mouse. 

First of all, it’s wireless, making it very convenient, and there’s no cord to worry about getting tangled up in an intense game. The mouse is also very portable. With no cable and its nominal weight, it’s easy to carry around for gaming on the go.

Since it is designed for a Mac, it’s easy to connect and set up, so you won’t spend needless time trying to get the mouse to work. Some gamers have learned to adapt to the Magic Mouse 2 as a gaming mouse and have become quite good with it.


Here are some common questions relating to the Magic Mouse 2 and gaming. 

Are there any Games the Magic Mouse 2 is good for?

Board games, strategy games, and games that don’t require quick reactions can work well with this device. I’m not going to list them here, but you can do a search and find many of them. Really any games that are optimized for the Mac should do ok with this mouse.

Does this mean that the Magic Mouse 2 is not a good mouse?

Certainly not. The Magic Mouse 2 is a great wireless mouse for your Mac or iPad. Even though it does not work well for many games, it is outstanding for many other applications. In fact, many gamers keep one mouse for gaming and a Magic Mouse 2 for other purposes.

Is the Magic Mouse 2 bad for gaming because it is wireless?

Being a wireless mouse is one of many reasons it is bad for gaming. Yes, the latency problem, which is probably the biggest issue for many, is due to how the wireless technology is designed. Still, even if that was not a problem, the mouse has other issues to overcome, as stated above. So it is not just because it is wireless; there are plenty of other wireless mice that work great for gaming.


In my opinion, the Magic Mouse 2 is not good for gaming. It’s a great device but lacks performance for most FPS and intense action games. While some may be able to overcome many of its issues and get comfortable using it, in the end, it may still affect their performance in most game situations.

I hope the information above has helped you to learn about the Magic Mouse 2 and its gaming ability. As usual, let me know if you have any comments. I would love to hear from those who have tried using the Magic Mouse 2 for gaming.

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