JBL Bluetooth Speaker Connected to Mac But No Sound? (Quick Fix)

I got a brand new portable JBL Flip Essential Bluetooth speaker. I have no problem connecting with my iPhone, playing music and the sound quality is really awesome. 

But when I connected it to my MacBook Pro, trying to play some YouTube videos. Something weird happened: there is no sound!

I did everything right. Pressed the JBL power button and it showed blue (which means on), I then pressed the Bluetooth button on the device.

And on my Mac Bluetooth app, I was also able to find the device and I can again confirm it’s properly connected because Mac Bluetooth shows this:

Now I opened a YouTube episode, something strange happened: the sound actually came from my Mac’s internal speakers (which is okay sound, but I’d prefer to listen to it from my new portable speaker, that’s why I bought it, right?)

The Solution: It’s Actually a Quick Fix

Initially, I thought there was something wrong with my Mac, so I restarted the computer and tried again, nope, the issue still persists.

Long story short, it turns out to be the Sound output issue. And it was a simple fix.

Here’s how: 

Step 1: On your Mac, move the mouse cursor to the top left corner and click on the Apple logo icon, then select System Preferences…

Step 2: In the new System Preference panel, find Sound and click on it.

Step 3: In the Sound window, make sure you’re under the Output tab. 

Most likely, you’ll see the default sound output is: Internal Speakers (Built-in), even though the external Bluetooth speaker (i.e. JBL Flip Essential) is detected and showing here.

What you need to do is: select the external speaker! (don’t see it here? Check the solution below)

Once I clicked on JBL Flip Essential, the sound immediately switched from my Mac internal speakers to be from the bluetooth speaker. 


What if My JBL Bluetooth Speaker is Not Showing in Sound Output?

It’s probably time to upgrade the firmware, this video shows you how:

Note that it requires you to have a phone that can download the JBL app, and it will take you a bit of time to do so. Be patient.

Anyway, I hope this helps. If you found another solution to fix this kind of bluetooth speaker sound issue on Mac. Please let me know and I’ll consider updating this post to make it up to update.

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  • SueN

    Thanks. Pricing up a new speaker after my Flip 4 suddenly stopped working and would not reconnect. Speaker not initially in any lists but played about and it worked.

  • Simone

    This was a perfect fix! This happens a bit too often between my JBL Xtreme and Macbook Air (esp. after an update to the firmware) and your great explanation outlined the right steps to get my sound back on track. Thanks!!

    • Jerry Romero

      No problem! Glad that you fixed it and found our guide helpful.