How to Fix Magic Mouse Right Click Not Working

We sometimes don’t realize how often we use the right-click function of our Magic Mouse. It becomes very apparent when it is not working, and we become frustrated or panicked trying to do everyday tasks on our computers. 

While it can be difficult, there is no need to panic. In most cases, you only need to enable the Secondary Click feature in our settings. Usually, with a few simple clicks, we can have it working once again.

My name is Eric, and as an engineer, I love to solve problems. This is one that most often has a simple solution, and I can show you that solution so you can use your right-click functions just as you always have.

If you want to see how to enable the secondary click feature of your Magic Mouse to get it working and hear about some other possible solutions, keep reading below.

The Secondary Click is Disabled

When the right-click on your Magic Mouse is not working, the most common problem is that your Secondary Click setting has been disabled. This is the issue in most cases, and one sign is that all the other functionality of your Magic Mouse is working without a problem.

If you see other issues with the mouse, there is a chance it is another problem, and we will discuss some of these in the next section. Another sign is if your right-click has never worked. This is probably due to the setting being disabled by default.

We can easily fix this problem by enabling the Secondary Click feature in your System Settings. Just follow the steps below. If you see that Secondary Click is already enabled, it means there is some other issue with your mouse, and you can move on t the next section.

Step 1: Open System Settings

Go to the Apple symbol in the upper left corner of the screen, click on it, and select System Settings.

Step 2: Select Mouse Settings

Locate the mouse settings on the left pane of the System Settings window. It’s normally towards the bottom. Click on Mouse once you find it.

Step 3: Locate the Secondary Click setting

Step 4: Set the Secondary Click

Click on the secondary click setting and select click on the right side. You may prefer to click on the left side if you are left-handed

Step 5: Exit settings and Test the right click

Exit the settings window and test out the right-click on something. If it works, you are good to go. If not, your Magic mouse may have another issue or be defective. 

Other Possible Issues

If, in the section above, you found that the Secondary Click has been enabled and your right-click is still not working, something else is causing the issue. Most of these issues are straightforward to fix, so let’s go through them and see if we can solve your problem.

User Error

If you are new to using a Magic Mouse, it’s possible that you just need some time to learn how to use it. There’s no shame in this; it wasn’t long ago that I was learning how to use it, and it took me some time to get used to it when switching over from a traditional mouse.

Learning to right-click with the Magic Mouse is not too complicated, but it can take a little time to adjust to the feeling of not having a click as you do with a traditional mouse.

The system Needs a Reboot

If you haven’t restarted your computer for a while, try doing a reboot. A system that has run for a long period of time without a restart can get lots of processes running in memory and cause odd behavior. Often a simple reboot can clear up many problems like this one.

Mouse Needs to be Charged

This could be the culprit if your Magic Mouse has a low battery or needs a charge. When the charge gets low, it can cause the mouse to behave erratically. Try charging your Magic Mouse 2 or putting a new set of batteries in your Magic Mouse 1 and see if that fixes the issue.

Battery Issue

If you have a Magic Mouse 1, you could see a common battery issue many users have reported. The batteries become loose, causing the Mouse to lose connection and exhibit strange behavior. If this is the case, there are steps you can take to alleviate the Magic Mouse 1 battery problem.

Bluetooth Connection

The Magic Mouse is connected to your computer through Bluetooth. Bluetooth connections can sometimes get corrupted and cause strange issues such as this. You can try disconnecting your mouse from the computer and then reconnecting it to see if that has any effect.

Defective or broken mouse

It could be that you just have a defective or broken mouse. If none of the above has fixed your problem, there is a good chance the mouse has an internal issue. Try another Magic Mouse to see if you have the same issue.

I know most of us don’t have an extra Magic Mouse lying around, but if you can borrow one from a friend, colleague, or family member, you can connect it to your system. If you don’t have any issues with the borrowed mouse, you will know you have a bad one.

In the case of a bad mouse, you can contact Apple support. If you have Apple Care for the device, you can get it replaced for free. If not, you may be best off purchasing a new one since repairs to the damaged mouse may cost more than buying a new one.

Alternative Ways to Right Click

If you cannot solve your right-click problem, there are ways to perform the right-click action without the physical right-click on the mouse. One such method is holding down the CONTROL key while performing a left click on the mouse.

Using these alternative ways to right-click will work just as well as performing a physical right-click on the Magic Mouse, and you can use this method until you figure out your issue or get a new mouse.


Below are a few frequently asked questions when the right-click on your Magic Mouse is not functioning properly.

What is a secondary click?

Secondary click is a term often used for right-click. The term secondary click actually defines the action more accurately because this action does not necessarily have to be performed by using the right side of the mouse. You can also do it other ways, but since it is typically configured using the right-click action, we usually think of it as a right-click.

What is the right-click function used for?

The right-click is used for several actions on your computer, but it is most commonly used to bring up the context menu when clicking on the text or an item on your desktop. You can then use the context menu to take a specific action listed in it.

Do I need the right-click?

Technically you don’t need the right-click since the actions on the context menu can almost always be done by using some other method. Also, there are other methods you can use to bring up the context menu and perform any actions that are done by a right click.


It can be very frustrating if your Magic Mouse’s right-click functionality is not working. Many things can cause the issue, but the most common is that the Secondary Click is not enabled in your System Settings. Enabling this setting should solve your problem.

I hope the information above has helped you to get your Magic Mouse’s right-click working. As usual, let me know if you have any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you.

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