What Color Macbook Air Should I Get?

So you’re ready to leap and get the new MacBook Air you’ve been wanting. That’s great! It’s always very exciting when you have the opportunity to get a new MacBook. There are many decisions to make when doing so; one is the color.

The new M2 MacBook Air comes in a choice of 4 different colors. They are Midnight, Space Gray, Silver, and Starlight. In my opinion, you should get the Midnight color. It is Apple’s newest color. It’s a great addition and gives your MacBook Air a cool look.

My name is Eric, and when it comes to technology, I am primarily interested in how it performs. While that is still true, something must be said about a new device’s aesthetics. How it looks does matter, and the color of a MacBook Air can be important.

If you want to hear more about the new colors of the MacBook Air, keep reading below. I will discuss why this matters and briefly explain each color choice. I will also let you know what some others think of the colors, and of course, I’ll probably reiterate what my favorite is.

Why Does Your MacBook Air Color Matter?

Your MacBook Air’s color may not necessarily define you. Still, it can make that ultimate difference in whether your computer is just a device you use to get something done or a part of your life that you look forward to opening up and interacting with daily.

It may sound silly, but how you view a tool such as a computer can affect your day, whether it be work or pleasure. Staring at a computer you hate all day doesn’t help you get your work done or inspire you to do anything great. 

On the other hand, seeing a device you love in a wonderful color can make you feel like you can conquer the world. Yes, in the end, the device’s performance matters, but with inspiration, you may get started and be headed in the right direction in the first place.

MacBook Air Colors

I have discussed why your MacBook’s color matters, and from that, it is evident that no one color is the best or the right color for everyone. Clearly, this is a personal choice. Everyone is different, and the color that makes you happy with your purchase is the color you should get.

Let’s walk through the available colors to get some background on each. If nothing has popped out at you yet, maybe knowing a little about them will push you in one direction or another.

Before we start, it is good to know that each color has a matching cable to keep the look clean and coordinated so you can charge your system in style.


This is no doubt my favorite color. Midnight is a new color available with the M2 MacBook Air. The dark shade with a bluish tint gives it a soothing look. It’s the darkest color available for a MacBook Air (at least for a while) and compliments the new design.

Space Gray

The good ole Space Gray is a classic that has been with Apple products for some time now. It’s just a bit lighter than Midnight, without the bluish tint. You still get a little of the dark shade and some calming effect, but with a basic tried and true color that MacBooks have used for some time now.

Image Courtesy of Apple.com


It’s hard to go wrong with the original MacBook color. Whether you like the nostalgia of the authentic MacBook look or the clean, shiny appearance, Silver remains a winner with many Mac users, especially those who have owned MacBooks since the beginning.

Image Courtesy of Apple.com


Starlight may be the choice for those who are flashy or like an elegant look. Its’ gold color seems to change shades in different lighting, giving it a glittering effect. At times it looks like a light dull colored gold, and other times like shiny, almost sparkling silver. In any case, it’s sure to grab the attention of others if that is what you are going for.

Image Courtesy of Apple.com

Our Favorites

The M2 MacBook Air’s color selection can be a tough choice for many. I’ve made no bones about it, my choice would be the Midnight color, but I have also checked around with some of my family, friends, and colleagues to see what they think.

My wife likes the Starlight color because she finds it fun and relaxing, and my daughter also likes it because she thinks it is stylish. My son likes the classic Silver color because it reminds him of his first MacBook. 

For my co-workers and friends, it varies between all colors. Many like Space Gray and Midnight, as I do, but it is clear that each individual has the color they prefer and usually a reason why they like it. This is why having a selection of colors is great when purchasing your new MacBook.  


If you do like a specific color, one thing you may have to worry about is its availability. New colors, like Midnight, often go quickly, so if you’re set on an out-of-stock color, you could find yourself waiting for your system on backorder.

Popular colors go quickly, and if there is a huge run on MacBook Airs, you may have only a couple of choices or even one choice if you want your new laptop quickly. At that point, you have to decide whether you need your system immediately or are willing to wait for the color you like.

When possible, I advise using patience and waiting for the color you like since you will hopefully have your new MacBook for quite some time. You want to make sure you are happy with your purchase, but I understand that we often don’t have time to wait.


If you are looking to purchase a new MacBook Air, you will find that you have four colors to choose from. They are Midnight, Space Gray, Silver, and Starlight. All of them are excellent choices, and when it comes down to making your choice, you should choose the one that inspires you the most.

So, what color is your favorite? Let me know which one you like and why. I would love to get your feedback on this topic.

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