Where is Clipboard on iPhone?

There isn’t a native clipboard app on your iPhone. Any content you copy is stored temporarily and overwritten when you copy something else or restart your iPhone. You can install third-party apps like Clipboard++ to view clipboard history.

Hi, I’m Devansh. When I bought my first iPhone, I was surprised it didn’t have a native Clipboard app. On further research, I found some valuable solutions for managing the clipboard.

In this article, I’ll walk you through some native options for managing your clipboard, like Shortcuts. After that, I’ll also talk about a few excellent third-party apps for clipboard management and answer some common questions.

Keep reading if you want to view or adjust your iPhone clipboard but cannot find it!

Where is Clipboard?

As noted above, the clipboard isn’t a standalone app. It only functions in the background. To learn how to select, cut, copy, and paste content on your iPhone, check this Support page. Now, let’s talk about some native solutions you can use to manage your clipboard.

One of the simplest ways to manage your clipboard natively is by using the Notes app. You can create a ‘Clipboard History’ note. Just paste anything you tend to refer to frequently in this note, and you can easily copy it again later.

The Shortcuts app also has a lot of surprises up its sleeve! The ‘Adjust Clipboard’ shortcut can be very useful. To use it, open the Shortcuts app, go to the Gallery tab, and search for this shortcut. Tap the ‘Add Shortcut’ button at the bottom of the page.

Every time you launch it, it’ll allow you to edit your clipboard. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to view clipboard history. If you need that feature (and other useful clipboard management features overall), let’s discuss some third-party apps.

Best Third-Party iOS Clipboard Apps

I discussed two options above to get more out of the iOS clipboard than previously thought. But there’s only so much that you can do using native tools. This is where apps like Paste, Clipboard++, and PastePal come in!

Once installed, they keep track of everything you copy to your clipboard for you to refer to later, in addition to features like iCloud sync. Microsoft SwiftKey, although primarily a keyboard app, also offers a built-in clipboard manager.

If you need access to proper clipboard management features, definitely consider installing one of the above apps on your iPhone.


Here are some common questions related to clipboard on the iPhone.

How to Clear iPhone Clipboard?

To clear your clipboard, either copy something else or restart your iPhone. If you find yourself trying to clear your clipboard history quite often, you can use the Shortcuts app to automate it. You can create your own shortcut to this end or use a pre-made shortcut like ‘Clear All Clipboards’ to make it easier.

What is Universal Clipboard?

In a nutshell, Universal Clipboard allows you to copy content on your Mac and then paste it to your iPhone or iPad or the other way around. Basically, it’s a shared clipboard between all your Apple devices that meet the Continuity system requirements. To see the steps to enable it, check this Apple Support page.

Is There a Character Limit When Copying Content to Clipboard?

No, there’s no specific limit to how much content you can copy at once. This includes text, images, and files. It seems to only be limited to the amount of memory and storage space available in your iPhone!


There’s no native clipboard manager app on your iPhone. The clipboard works in the background and stores copied content temporarily. If you need to adjust your clipboard on the go, you can use Shortcuts. Beyond that, there are third-party apps like Paste, Clipboard++, and PastePal offer more features!

Do you believe Apple should include more native clipboard management features in the next iOS update? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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