Why is My Location Wrong on My iPhone & How to Fix it

Your location on your iPhone could be wrong due to restrictive permission settings, buggy or outdated apps, interference by other Apple ID devices, wrong time zone, and incorrect location settings. It could also be damaged internally.

Hi, I’m Devansh. As a frequent traveler, I use my iPhone to navigate new cities. I once noticed that my location was wrong. Fortunately, upon restarting my iPhone and updating iOS, the location was accurate again.

In this article, I’ll guide you through five fixes to troubleshoot the wrong location issue and restore your iPhone’s location accuracy. I’ll also help you decide if the incorrect location issue is due to a software bug or hardware damage.

If your iPhone’s location is wrong and you want to make it accurate, keep reading!

Top 5 Fixes to Correct Your Location on iPhone

If your location is inaccurate or vague (a large circle around the blue dot), it could be due to a weak network. In this case, you can read this article. But if it’s showing that you’re in a different city or state, follow these fixes.

Fix #1: Check Permission Settings

Apps may not be able to use your location due to privacy restrictions. To check if the apps can access your location, open Settings, go to Privacy & Security, and tap Location Services.

Scroll down and check the location access levels of all the apps on your iPhone. If an app you’re trying to use is set to Never, tap on it and change it to While Using the App or Always.

Fix #2: Update Apps

If your location is wrong in one app, it might need to be updated. Open the App Store, tap the account button, and scroll down to view pending updates. If you see the app in question in the list, tap Update. Open it again after it’s updated and check if the location is accurate.

Fix #3: Check Other Apple ID Devices

Your location may be wrong because it’s tied to another Apple device you own, like a secondary iPhone or an Apple Watch.

To check this, open Find My and go to the Me tab. Under My Location, ensure it’s set to This iPhone.

Fix #4: Check Time Zone

Your location could also be wrong because your iPhone is set to an incorrect time zone. To fix this, you can let your iPhone set it automatically.

Open Settings, go to Privacy & Security, Location Services, System Services, and enable Setting Time Zone. Now, navigate to General, Date & Time, and toggle on Set Automatically.

Fix #5: Reset Location & Privacy Settings

If none of the above fixes worked, reset your iPhone’s location settings to the factory default. Go to Settings, General, Reset, and tap Reset Location & Privacy.

If asked, input your iPhone passcode and confirm it. This is an excellent way to clear software-related bugs and glitches.

What’s Next?

If your location is still wrong, your iPhone might have a hardware-related issue. You might’ve dropped your iPhone recently and caused some internal damage. I recommend you contact Apple Support or a local technician and have them look at your iPhone.


Here are two common questions about the wrong location issue on your iPhone.

What’s the Best Way to Improve Your iPhone’s Location Accuracy?

Your iPhone uses WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and cellular towers to determine the location. So, staying clear of obstructions is the best way to improve your iPhone’s location accuracy. You can go outdoors or place your iPhone near a window.

What if Third-Party Apps Show Wrong Location When Logging In?

It could be an issue with the apps. You can open the App Store and update those apps. If that doesn’t solve it, notify the developer of the problem.


Your iPhone location could be wrong due to restrictive permission settings, buggy or outdated apps, interference by other Apple ID devices, wrong time zone, and incorrect location settings.

I hope applying the above fixes makes your iPhone location spot on! If it doesn’t, your iPhone could be damaged internally. Contact Apple Support or a local technician for further guidance.

Do you have more questions about issues with your iPhone’s location? Let me know in the comments!

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